7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 1)

Inspired by Jen at my new favorite blog Conversion Diary, I thought I would give 7 Quick Takes Friday a try.  We’ll see if we get a repeat performance.

1.  I absolutely LOVE our new tooth-brushing/hand-washing  timer from One Step Ahead.  Bailey liked to race through her tooth brushing, and no amount of discussion would slow her down for longer than a day.  Now she knows exactly how long to brush, and Piper likes watching the timer while she brushes, too.  I’ve found that I use the hand-washing setting to make sure that I rinse with moutwash long enough.

2.  Sunday we’re going to see a minor league game at Wrigley Field.  It will be Piper’s (3 1/2) and Katie’s (15 m) first trip to the Friendly Confines, as I tend to avoid the place with littles due to the bathroom situation.  The kids care more about seeing the Zooperstars than the game itself, and I don’t know which kid is more excited about running the bases after the game.  I suspect it’s the one that turns 38 this month.

3.  I sometimes feel sorry for the crap my acquaintances put up with due to being a part of the traditional schooling system, like Summer School for a child entering First Grade. 😦

4.  I am constantly amazed how little time it takes to hand-wash the dishes when you actually do it every day instead of waiting for them to pile up for two or three days.

5.  I wish Katie would learn how to say some more words and stop screaching “Mom!” 20 million times a day.

6.  We’re breaking our general rule of one activity per child at a time.  We’ve signed Bailey up for a cooking class in addition to her normal Fall gymnastics.  She loves to cook, and she needs all the outside help she can get because I can barely put a meal together that doesn’t come out of one box.

7.  Piper has moved from the anal retentiveness and accompanying temper tantrums of early age 3 to the extreme dawdling and selective hearing that seems to come with late age 3.  I know she’s taking time to smell the flowers (or in this case pick every single one she finds), but if she keeps taking ten minutes to climb into her car seat she might not make it to age 4.

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One Comment on “7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 1)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You MUST start doing this every week. Hysterical! True! Wonderful!

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