This is my 200th published post.  That’s a bit of milestone.  When the first one was published in January of 2008, I wasn’t sure how long I would stick with it.  Perhaps I would be one of those bloggers who posts for a couple months and then disappears into obscurity.  There have been long periods between posts from time to time, but I never just gave up.  Even during those periods, I had lots of stuff running through my brain, just little time to write about it.

So what’s the secret of my endurance?  Well, I think it is that I mainly just write for myself.  This blog is part journal, part notebook, and part commentary.  Even if I didn’t have a single reader, I think I would still do it just for me.  Therefore I am quite content with my handful of regular readers (and I do mean handful).  Of course, if anyone else gets any sort of enlightenment or entertainment from my simple posts then that’s great.  And if my average daily readership doesn’t exceed 14, I am fine with that, too.

In honor of my 200th post, I thought I would give an update on how my munchkins are doing.  Bailey will be seven in about three and  a half months, and she is starting to look it.  She’s getting tall and lean, and those baby teeth are working their way out.  As you can tell from her blog she still loves fashion, but her enjoyment of sports has developed more and more, too.  She has a pretty impressive baseball card collection, baseball bobble-head collection, and with the help of her father a budding baseball card autograph collection.

Academically, she would be going into the First Grade.  Her reading level is right about that K/1 level that would be expected in regular schools.  Look for an upcoming post regarding our homeschooling plans for the fall, but I have learned that she takes a lot in from just regular discussion.  Overall, her moods have mellowed out.  She doesn’t have quite as many melt-downs over little things as she used to unless she’s extremely tired or hungry, but she still has lots of spirit (aka tenacity, particularity, passion, and assertiveness).  I also see certain signs of more intellectual maturity.  And even though in her own mind she is six going on sixteen, I still see a lot of the little girl in her.

Piper is coming to the end of the Terrible Three’s; she’ll be four in October.  She likes “flowers and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns”.  She has hit that princess stage and enjoys hearing fairy tales.  But don’t be fooled by her big blue eyes and sweet smile, she is also extremely fierce.  When her big sister hurts her in anyway, she doesn’t whine; she gets even.  She doesn’t pull any punches, literally.  She beats up on her Daddy like he’s a side of beef.  After going through a period where she would not allow a single kiss or hug to be given or received, she is letting us sneak in more and more without protest.  But we know that her favorite form of affection is snuggling.

I don’t do any formal academics with Piper at all, unless she asks to “do school”, too.  I have a short number of preschool workbooks on hand to keep her busy.  Otherwise we just follow her lead.  Lately she has been interested in words that rhyme, and sometimes we play games about letter sounds.  She also keeps asking how to spell different words that she wants to write down.  Lately, we’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles together at her request, and sometimes she likes to snuggle in my lap and read books.  I have been grabbing some “new” books at the library to encourage this habit.

Katie is 15-months old, and she is an absolute delight.  She walks around everywhere, preferably in her hand-me-down size 5W sandals.  First thing every day, she brings them to me and says, “Shoes!!”.  She probably has a 15 to 20 word vocabulary that she uses consistantly.  Sometimes it sounds like she’s repeating and using new words or phrases but it’s like listening to a radio that’s been turned down really low…you think you heard it, but you’re not sure.  Her most common words are “No!”, “Yeah.”, and “Mom!!!”.  And we can tell that she understands way more than she can say as she follows simple directions.

Katie loves to climb and explore, and she seems to get a big kick when she does something like her big sisters.  She plays tea party with the toy dishes, scoots little cars around the floor, throws a ball pretty well, and loves pat-a-cake.  She alternates between loving and hating the rough attentions of her big sisters, but Daddy is her absolute favorite person that isn’t part of her food supply.  She squeals with delight whenever he appears and follows him around begging to be picked up.  She already has a very strong will and does not like being thwarted or told “no”; she buries her head in anguish whenever corrected.

So, that is a small snap-shot of my girls at this point in time.  It may look completely different by the time I hit 300 posts.  People always say, “Enjoy your kids while they’re young because it goes by in a flash.”  I can already understand how true that is.  Sometimes I can’t believe that my Bailey is already so big, and didn’t I just push Katie out yesterday?  And somewhere along the way we became a completely Catholic family.  I wonder what other wonderful surprises the good Lord has in store for us.  I’ll just have to wait and see.

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3 Comments on “200!!”

  1. Kibrika Says:

    I love reading someone, who doesn’t think children aren’t smart. It’s a delight to read about a 3+year-old reading. 🙂

    • barboo77 Says:

      Well, she’s not actually reading yet herself. She does have some books memorized, and there’s about ten or fifteen words that she recognizes (in addition to product logos). I totally do not doubt that there are some three-year-olds out there who can phonetically read, but we’ll see how her reading skills develop naturally for a few more years before we do any formal lessons. She may just figure it all out on her own without my help. And I do think children are smart…at least mine are. 😉

  2. Kibrika Says:

    Well, the actual reading at so young an age is not the point, the love for books and wanting to read. And the respect she gets (t.i. you’re not telling her “you’re too young, you can’t read” ofr some such nonsence). I hope I’m such a good mom when I get children.

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