7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 2)


1.  Although, I once declared my love for the show Jon and Kate + 8, I’ve stopped watching.  I am extremely curious about what’s going on and am tempted, but in good conscience I don’t feel like I can watch it anymore.  I think that in the best interest of the children they should stop the show.   I think Jon and Kate both need to reassess their priorities, and I feel that watching the show would equal condoning their behavior.  Besides the whole tabloid mess that it has become, I’ve also become really tired of all the cross-promotion for other shows and products that’s become more and more prevalent on the series.

However, I still love to watch 18 Kids and Counting with the Duggar family.  They always just seem like such genuinely good people.  Lately they’ve been using their series and celebrity (along with a lot of hard work, dedication, and heart) to help their dear friends the Bates triple the size of their modest home in preparation for their 17th child.  I know the Duggars have received a few perks for themselves as well, but it was amazing to watch them give like that.

2.  Every time I watch our Live Aid DVDs I always get chills when I watch Queen perform.  Freddie Mercury was an awesome singer, songwriter, and performer.  It’s amazing to watch his interaction with the crowds and their spontaneous responses, especially during “Radio Ga-Ga”.  He died too soon.

3.  Speaking of Queen, every time I hear “Somebody to Love” I think of Anne Hathaway singing it in Ella Enchanted.  I love that movie, even though it is so different from the book.  I think I’m able to accept that because they just took the general idea of the book and completely retranslated instead of just making  a bad adaptation.  I actually considered purchasing it, but as long as it keeps playing on cable every month or so I’ll just wait for now.  Although, I bet the DVD has some fun special features.

Somewhat related, I’ve been intrigued by the movie Velvet Goldmine (it is about a bi-sexual glam rocker).  It’s not a movie I would want to own, or even necessarily watch all of the way through again.  (It fully earned its “R” rating.)  However, the music, costumes,  and some of cinematography are captivating.  Some of the songs keep running through my head.  “Baby’s on fire, better throw her in the water….”

4.  Back to more “G” rated entertainment, I made the discovery this summer that most Major League ball parks allow you to bring in your own food and a small soft-sided cooler.  We took full advantage of this at Miller Park and Wrigley Field.  I stuffed our cooler with bottles of water, yogurt cups, a pint of whole milk, sliced cantaloupe, an apple, sliced cheddar, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  In addition to the normal array of baby food, I added a big bag of Chex mix, granola bars, cereal, and honey buns into the back-pack.  I’ve learned that kids with full bellies = happy, less whiny kids.  We still spent about $25 at each park on food (mainly hot dogs), but that’s a lot less than we used to spend with very little to show for it.  Plus, we were able to include some healthier choices like the fruit and yogurt.

5.  My parents are coming up for Piper’s birthday in October, and they’ll probably bring presents for Bailey’s November birthday as well as Christmas stuff.  So, I’m trying to put together my gift suggestion lists, so they and other relatives can start shopping.  I’m having the usual debate between suggesting quality items that will last a long time or cheap stuff that will break within a year, giving me a good reason to throw it away.  Of course, I still try to come up with a lot of non-toy ideas.

6.  For the first time in a long time I picked up a copy of Biblical Archaeology Review; it was their 200th issue.  That magazine really makes the Bible and history come alive.  I was in awe looking at pictures of jewelery from the 6th century BC found just outside Jerusalem.  And I was totally cracking up as they reviewed some of the complaint letters they received over the years about a “Bible magazine” including pictures of people consuming alcohol at a banquet and of pretty female diggers, or even worse promoting pornography by including photographs of fertility goddess idols and art depicting Adam and Eve in the buff.

7. When she was about four or five, Bailey invented the word “disastrophe” (disaster + catastrophe) which still gets regular use around our house.  Piper has recently contributed the word “ploomp”.   “Ploomp” is a verb meaning “to expand or inflate”, as in “It’s just ploomping out all over the place “.  Sometimes “ploomp” is also used in place of “plop”.  It’s just a fun-sounding word:  ploomp.  Ploomp!  Ploomp.

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4 Comments on “7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 2)”

  1. Pam Says:

    I agree on Jon and Kate…I think right now there is just some serious money grubbing going on. I do love the Duggars though…although I’m pretty sure if she had nursed her babies she would have fewer kids, and they would still be happy… I am impressed on them reaching out to their friends…that had me in tears last night. My pregnancy hormones had me dreaming I had an internship at the Duggar home (I am bearing our fifth child) and she had me changing all the sheets…silly hormones!

    • barboo77 Says:

      Actually, Michelle does breastfeed. She’s is often seen on the show nursing baby Jordyn using a special nursing pillow that hooks to her body and a nursing cape; she even nursed the baby on a float in the Dolly Parade. In her book, though, she says that nursing is not easy for her and has not gotten an easier after so many kids. I think she said her fertility usually returns between three and six months, and she usually gets pregnant around nine months. (And it’s almost been nine months since Jordyn was born.) There are so many factors that can go into the return of fertility, and every woman is different.

  2. I like “disastrophe” – it really encapsulates all of the drama.

    I never knew about being able to bring food to Wrigley – I’ll have to remember that!

  3. elizabeth Says:

    Kids are great at inventing words. Our son had “rainbrella” for umbrella, “count down day” for New Year’s day, and “cold heat” for air conditioning. I am sure he had more, but these are the ones I still remember 30 years later.

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