7 Quick Takes (v. 3)

7_quick_takes1.  There’s been some debate since my 7 Quick Takes last week as to whether Piper’s invented word is “ploomp” or “ploop” without the ‘m’.  I had debated myself about it.  I think though that she uses both terms interchangeably.  At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

2. I remember reading in the Tightwad Gazette the suggestion that a housewife should work as many hours at home as her husband works at his job.  Well, since his work load has been lighter this summer, I’m afraid I have given myself a lighter load, too, and it shows.  This week my husband went back to work assisting with the New Faculty Orientation.  I thought it would be a good time to try to get the house in order before we start our semester on Monday.  So, I put together a three-page list of “Deep Clean” tasks, and I’m also trying to integrate an updated daily chore schedule.

Between a diaper leak and the usual First-Day-Back-at-Work pandemonium, Katie and I were up at 6:00 in the morning on Monday.  I got quite a bit accomplished, though.  It probably helped that I knew if I sat down for very long I would probably pass out from exhaustion.  Sometimes it’s better just to keep moving.  Our house isn’t sparkling by any means  (hello, home all day with three kids), but after a week of intensive scrubbing at least it’s not full of scary funk anymore.  I hope I can keep it at a manageable level.

3. From time to time we’ve had a small ant problem in our house.  Since I’ve actually been keeping the kitchen floor clean this week, the little ants have found another food supply somewhere.  However, now we have a huge ant problem.  In the past two days, we’ve had these gigantic black ants appearing.  It’s like someone took the little ants and put them on steroids and crack.  Besides being four times the size of a normal ant, they are also extremely fast.  They keep scurrying to and from the water heater closet, but I don’t understand why.  There are plenty of openings there where the pipes go in and out of the walls and floor, but I don’t know what suddenly made them decide that our kitchen was the place to be.  The first few were shown some leniency and gently set out on the back deck, but after the third or fourth one I started running out of mercy.

4. We got busted by the Po-Po, or at least the Illinois Tollway.  They decided that we skipped the Plaza 35-Cermak Rd Toll Booth one too many times.  Three strikes over the course of a year, and we’re out $62.40.  The $2.40 is for the actual missed tolls; the $60 consists of three $20 fines (one for each offense).  That’s just what our already depleted pocket book needed.

Obviously, we did not intend to skip the toll booth.  We obviously hit all of the other ones on the way to and from Wisconsin.  There’s just something about that particular one, though.  It always sneaks up on us for some reason to where we can’t safely get over to the toll ramps.  I kind of wonder since we’ve missed that exact one three times if that particular toll area is a problem for other people, too.

My husband is ticked off that they waited until three offenses to send out a ticket.  He thinks that if we had been fined after the first time we might have been more conscientious about stopping.  I don’t know; he may be right.  We could consider getting an I-Pass, but I’m not really keen on voluntarily allowing the government to track my car.  I guess we will be more vigilant and see about paying missed tolls on-line before a fine accrues if necessary.

5.  We have a Comcast repair person who lives in one of the other townhomes in our section.  Every day we can tell when he’s come home from work because we hear the beep!beep!beep! of him backing in to the parking area right outside our living room window.  The first few times we thought it was the alarm on the refrigerator warning us that the door isn’t closed…only much louder.    My husband and I have started keeping track of what time we hear the beeping each day in case he ever needs an alibi.

6. We normally only use about a 1/2 pound of hamburger a week, if that.  I really hate to buy more than we need, and my husband will not touch anything that involves frozen hamburger.  Well, a couple weeks ago I got this crazy idea that if I went to the meat counter at the grocery and asked they might wrap me up the exact amount of ground beef I need.  I had very vague memories of my mother doing this when I was a child, but I was a little unsure.  So, I found my courage and tried it.  Guess what?  It worked.  Not only did I get the correct amount, but it was half the cost of the pre-packaged pound I would have normally purchased.  Who knew that those guys in the white coats who wander around the meat department could be so helpful?

7.  Last Saturday I came across the television movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood.  I used to watch “Degrassi:  The Next Generation” fairly regularly, but I hadn’t watched it in awhile.  I was confused about a few things in the movie because I had missed some episodes.  For instance, what is the history between Manny and Jay?  Wikipedia to the rescue!!  So, as I read through all of the episode summaries, I had a shocking revelation.

See, my husband was a big fan of the original Degrassi series in the 80’s.  We had even borrowed the entire original series from the library a few years ago and watched them all.  One of his favorite characters was Caitlin, who also appeared on some Next Generation episodes.  Well, it turns out the character’s last name is Ryan; Caitlin Ryan.  Our youngest daugther is named Katelyn Ryan.  I realized that my husband subconsciously named our daughter after a character on Degrassi Junior High.

I don’t know why I am that surprised; he consciously named our oldest daughter after Bailey on “WKRP in Cincinnati“.  (Piper was not named after one of the sisters on “Charmed”, but her middle name came from a Jimmy Buffett song.)  He suggested that if we ever have a son we can name the kid after his other favorite Degrassi character, Joey Jeremiah.  Of course, since Joey and Caitlin were constantly breakin’ up and makin’ up that could just be a little gross to have a brother and sister named after the Degrassi super-couple.

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  1. Chelsea Says:

    I live in Houston my the coast… we have roaches. Want to trade? 🙂

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