7 Quick Takes (v. 5)


1.  This morning Piper started back with gymanstics classes; Bailey starts in less than an hours  We took a break from gymnastics starting in mid-March since we knew that tee-ball would be pretty time consuming.  (Piper tried morning swim classes in the latter part of the spring.)  It’s always neat to see how much they have retained and how much their bodies have developed since the last time.

It makes our Fridays extra hectic, though.  I really didn’t plan to schedule both girls for the same day, but it kind of happened that way for this 8-week session.  So, we have classes at 10:00 and 4:00.  In between there, I have to make my weekly Aldi run and work in my daily chores.  Thankfully, the only school-work I have scheduled for Fridays is math, and Bailey was able to do that while Piper was in class.

I’ve realized two things today, though.  1) We need to go ahead and shell out some money for new crocs for the girls.  They are required to wear shoes in and out of the gymnastics room and crocs work really well, especially when they have water breaks.  2) I’m going to get in the habit of doing dishes after dinner on Thursday night, because there just is not time in the morning and by the afternoon it is too hard to get motivated.  In fact, this might be a habit worth cultivating in general….hmmm.

2.  Bailey is soooo awesome.  On our way back from Aldi (it was her turn to go with me this week), she noted, “Beatles Rock Band will probably kill original Rock Band just like Nintendo killed the Atari.”  Not only was I shocked that she knew about the Nintendo and Atari (although I have vague memories of her father and I discussing them with her), but that she made such an astute analogy.  These days she defines every event in our life as being Before Beatles Rock Band Comes Out and After Beatles Rock Band Comes Out.   September 9th…

3. Piper has the deepest voice I have ever heard in a little one, especially compared to her big sister’s munchkin-like one.  It’s very comical to hear sometimes, especially when she is singing around the house.  She tries to sing like a pop or punk star and her voice gets extra low with these great inflections.  She sounds a little bit like a 30-year-old chain smoker.

4.  Katie got her first hair cut this week, a bang trim.  She handled it much better than her sisters did, although they were older at the time.  We have a stylist who become one of our first friends up here.  So maybe Katie felt a little less wary of her since we just saw her two weeks ago at the American English concert.  I tell you, though.  There is Cute.  There is Super Cute.  And then there is Katie with bangs.  If we still had a digital camera, I would sooo add a picture.

5. We’ve officially made a sign for our front window to let the neighbor girls know when we are available to play.  It’s one of those things that sounds completely ridiculous on one level, but completely brilliant on another.  Whatever happened to just knocking to ask if someone can come out and play?  Then again, we don’t want to bother them if they’re in the middle of something and vice versa.  Plus, since our kids still need quite a bit of supervision to play, sending the kids out to play involves us as well.  I also know the hell I would have to deal with from my kids if they knocked on our door and for some reason I could not allow the kids to come out.  They’re not real keen on dealing with fussy, whiny kids any more than usual, either.

6. My mother-in-law and I are trying to work out a date for our big fall/winter shopping trip for the girls.  We want to give the stores plenty of time to get their warm clothing out, but Bailey really needs some new clothes before the weather starts getting too cold.  Last night I went through all their drawers and all of my boxes and took an inventory of how many shirts, pants, etc. they each have, so I can put together my master shopping list.  My parents also have some items they are bringing up in early October for the younger girls I had to keep in mind, too.  Since we try to get it all done in one big day, it’s a lot to coordinate.  I’m just glad that Piper is still at an age where she gets really excited about hand-me-downs.

7.  I have mixed feelings about this whole 7 Quick Takes thing.  On one hand I enjoy having an outlet for some of the slightly disconnected thoughts that flitter around in my mind.  On the other hand, I’m not so sure about this whole dead-line thing.  It puts a little more pressure on me than I really like.  Sometimes I also feel like I am really stretching it to come up with something by number five or six.  The last thing I need is something to encourage me to drivel on about irrelevant things more than I already do.  I will probably keep this whole 7 Quick Takes thing in my repertoire, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it on-stage every week.

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One Comment on “7 Quick Takes (v. 5)”

  1. twortd Says:

    I love the sign thing — won’t work for us where we are, but maybe I can come up with some version. We’ve also got a habit of usually needing to be out with the girls when they are playing (I have a three year old and live where there are mountain lions and I’m a chicken) so it takes a little more planning then just sending everyone outside.

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