7 Quick Takes (v. 6)


1.  In an attempt to save some money, I finally took the time to fill out some of those surverys on the White Castle receipts.  It took about two to three minutes, and you get a code good for three free cheeseburgers.  I had been hesitant to do it for a couple reasons.  1) I’m lazy.  2) I have other things I’d rather be doing.  3) I don’t even really like cheeseburgers.  However, in the interest of frugality, now that our fat summer paychecks are a thing of the past, I filled out the surveys.  It should save us a couple dollars at least.  I’m hoping, though, that they’ll let me trade in each receipt for three free White Castles (no onion, extra pickle) instead.  After all, it would save them money since the cheese is always so expensive.  Or I could see if they would give me two of the three plain cheeseburgers without the burger, since that’s how Piper eats them.  Bailey usually opts for one plain cheeseburger and one plain fish sandwich.  Or I could pass on the fruits of my hard work to my dear husband.  After all they were his receipts for his cheeseburger purchases.  We’ll see.

2.  Katie has been kind of ban from the kitchen.  Bailey and Piper were rarely allowed in the kitchen before the age of three.  This rule started not only as a safety precaution about having babies underfoot while cooking, but because when we had a cat his litter box and bowls were in the far corner of the kitchen in our apartment.  This kept little baby Bailey was eating the cat food or worse.  When we moved to our house, we kept up the tradition even though we no longer had the cat.  However, I can’t tell you how many times we knocked down the gate in a rush, and it did a bit of damage to entryway walls.  So, when Piper got old enough, we just put the kitchen gate away in the garage.

Katie has had free reign of the kitchen since she started becoming mobile about six months ago.  When she was crawling I just had to make sure everything was swept up, which I needed to do a better job at anyway.  When she started walking, it wasn’t too big of deal.  We started having problems when she started climbing up into the kitchen chairs.  I can’t tell you how many times she has fallen out or almost tipped them over.  Then she started pushing kitchen chairs over to the sink and dumping my drying clean dishes in the sink with dirty dishes.  And the front of our utensil drawer broke a while back, so she kept pulling out forks and spoons and licking them and putting them back.  Then she kept pulling stuff out of the garbage can.

Tuesday morning I wiped all of the cobwebs off of the gate and put it back up.  Katie has not been very happy about being shut out, especially since I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen between my chores, homeschooling, and the computer.  I think she may be starting to adjust, though.  She’s only allowed in to eat or get a diaper change in the office area unless she is being closely supervised.  It’s a bit of an adjustment, though.

3.  My parents are taking a two-week bus tour into the Wild, Wild West.  Their trail takes them from Louisville, Kentucky to Las Vegas, Nevada and back.  I had my dad send me their rough itinerary, so that the girls and I could track their progress during their trip on our big U.S. map in the kitchen, taking advantage of a teachable moment.

4.  Isn’t it funny how a person can feel two completely different emotions at the same time?  Relief and Disappointment.  Fear and Excitement.    I’ve been feeling very conflicted about a lot of things lately.

5.  I haven’t been reading as many books lately.  I’ve had many other things to do with the start of the school year and trying to do a better job of keeping our home funk free.  Usually by mid-afternoon I spend my time playing around on the computer instead of relaxing with a book while Katie naps.  I’m beginning to wonder if I wouldn’t be better served by doing the latter instead.

6.  Unfortunately, the cooking class that Bailey was supposed to start this week was canceled.  She was the only person who signed up for it.  On one hand, I was disappointed for her because I know that she was looking forward to it, plus I had signed her up because I don’t feel confident in my ability to teach her how to cook since I’m not really good at it myself.  However, I was kind of having second thoughts about bending our “1 activity per child per period” rule.  We really only have so much time and money to go ’round, and once Piper turns four she’ll have more class options through our parks district as well.  This cooking class could have really been opening a can of worms.

But, my mother-in-law is teaching both girls how to sew at her house.  Since I don’t even know how to sew on a button or do basic repairs, this is a really blessing.  This is a much more important knowledge than the majority of things they would learn in any type of school.  Bailey keeps offering to teach me what they have learned, and maybe some day I’ll let her.  I like the idea, though, of them having a skill that I don’t.  I think it could be very confidence boosting as they get older.  Plus, if I learned then as they got older they might turn to me to sew on their buttons or mend their garments instead of taking the time to do it themselves.

7.  We’ve kind of had a Beatles week this week.  On Monday we came across Beatles Trivial Pursuit at Barnes & Noble.  When we learned it had three different challenge levels, we couldn’t resist buying it.  We played the basic game (skipping the extra outer track) with Bailey answering questions from the easy level and Rick and I doing a mix of medium and hard questions.  The hard questions were really hard and asked for extremely obscure facts.  Even on the easy level, though, Bailey answered a lot of questions that a six-year-old would not be expected to know, like which Beatles album starts with the sound of a jet plane (The White Album).  When I tell you that Bailey won it probably sounds like we just let her win, but she answered all of the questions herself with just the occasional hint from us.

Then on Wednesday we picked up our copy of Beatles Rock Band.  Last Spring when we bought our Wii we specifically chose Rock Band over Guitar Hero based on which program would be compatible with the Beatles game we heard was coming out.  Bailey and her daddy decided that we would start at the Cavern Club and work our way through the Beatles career in order instead of just skipping around to different songs.  Bailey and Piper took turns playing the drums while Ricky and I took turns playing guitar and singing.  Piper and I tired out first, though, and left the other two to keep playing some.

It’s really nice.  We got through entire song list in two nights, and both of the girls were getting really high scores for their drumming.  I don’t know if it’s because the Easy setting is so much easier on this compared to regular Rock Band or if the Ringo’s drum parts were really that much easier.  (Poor, Ringo.)  They each got to play on some of their favorites (Bailey-Octopus’s Garden, Piper-Birthday) and I got to sing on a couple of my favorites (Something, Here Comes the Sun).  We see this being a family fun-time favorite for many years to come, especially as Bailey and Piper get old enough to try out the guitar and Katie grows into the drums.

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 6)”

  1. eljoe1235 Says:

    I was hoping for a Cobb family Beatles Rock Band review. It has me contemplating the Wii and I generally am toward newish video game systems like I am new cars– I just wait for them to get older and not as popular and buy them then… but Wii may be different, and if so, Beatles Rock Band is about 75% of why.

    • barboo77 Says:

      The Wii is great. We used it a lot when we first bought it, but less and less over the summer. I see us busting it out more and more in the coming months, especially now that we have the Beatles Rock Band. Of course, the Rock Band is available for other systems, too, and apparently some gaming systems will get opportunities for more Beatles songs before others will. You just have to decide how active you want your system to be. If you want the option of exercising more than your fingers with other games, than I would go Wii.

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