7 Quick Takes (v. 7)

7_quick_takes1.  It’s amazing sometimes how one small thing can lead to much bigger things down the road.  For instance when we first moved into our house, we started recycling newspapers and milk jugs.  Three years later we now recycle grocery bags (paper and plastic), aluminum cans and foil, plastic and glass bottles, and various food boxes.  I have two recycle boxes in the house:  one for sheets of paper and this wonderful one I bought for tossing everything else.  Three years ago we put out one recycle bin each week; most weeks we now set out two or three.

2.  When it came to healthier eating, that one small thing was buying fruit spreads with no added sugar or sugar substitutes.  Now I constantly check labels hoping to avoid things like MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and food colorings as much as possible without completely killing our desire to eat.  This is how I happened to have a jar of Polaner All Fruit Orange Marmalade in the refrigerator (not something I would expect to have in my refrigerator).

3.  For the past few weeks I’ve been really trying to stick exactly to my grocery budget of $140 or even come under.  So, when it came time to get a new jar of sweet & sour sauce to go with my Aldi-brand chicken egg rolls, I decided to save a few dollars and try them with the Polaner Orange Marmalade.  Since the sweet & sour sauce I had been using was apricot based and it looked kind of like  jelly, I figured the orange marmalade wouldn’t be that big of a stretch.  And, ya know?  I think I actually liked using the orange marmalade better.  It added a touch of flavor but wasn’t quite as sweet.

4.  I can’t get Katie to try any fruit spreads or cream cheese or regular cheese or peanut butter or pasta or anything that isn’t a close cousin to junk food.  She’s eats the following:  crackers, cookies, yogurt, bananas, fruit and cereal bars, french fries, and various cereals like honey puffs, fruity rice, and fruit loops.  That is pretty much all she will eat.  She will also drink some whole milk and apple juice (mixed with water).  So, I’ve been hesitant to wean her because I figure she needs all the vitamins she can get from the Mommy Milk.

I don’t know if I will be able to survive the eruption of her top molars, though.  She doesn’t sleep well, waking up sometimes every hour.  And she insists on nursing.  By insists, I mean Katie throws the biggest temper tantrum and claws at my shirt if I try to resist giving her what she wants.  The older two might have whined a little bit, but Katie gets really pissed off.  Of course, the one down-side of co-sleeping is keeping her from waking up Piper or my husband.  I’ve nursed Katie slightly longer than I did the other two, but I think her time is almost up.

5.  I have a feeling, though, that in order to make the weaning process less tortuous I am going to have to do two things.  First of all, I am going to have to be less lazy about feeding her.  I’ve fallen into the bad habit of putting her in her feeding chair with things she can easily self-feed  while I do other things.  So, I need to make a more concerted effort to feed her myself and snuggle with her when she is drinking a cup of milk.  Maybe then she won’t just connect nursing as her only intimacy.  Secondly, I think I need to starve her a bit.  Maybe if I only let her eat every two to three hours and give her a chance to build up a real appetite she’ll be less picky about eating a wider variety of foods.

6.  There’s a third thing that I really need to do, too.  I need to start getting Piper out of the family bed.  I think not nursing Katie at night would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to worry about her waking up Piper.  I meant to start the process months ago, but then Piper got in this habit of snuggling with her head on my chest.  Since she’s not been big on physical affection for the past two years, I really hated to give that up.  But the snuggling has turned more into bucking around while pretending to snuggle, leaving me with a sore arm and shoulder much of the time.  She has recently conceded that I can kiss her on the cheek a bit as long as I’m not wearing lipstick (which I rarely do anyway).

In two weeks, Piper will turn four and two days later I will be separating the twin bed and the queen-sized bed to prepare her to move out.  I am still a little unsure about whether to move her into the bed with Bailey (the original plan) or put her and the twin bed in the play room.  The past few times I’ve tried putting them into the bed together it’s only lasted about 30 minutes before they’re both crying that they want her out.  Bailey is a late to bed/late to rise kind of person and she also feeds off of conversation to stay up later.  Piper tends to be an earlier riser, and when she’s ready to go to sleep she’s ready to go to sleep.  I think there will be lots of trial and error and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

7.  Speaking of teeth, we’ve been calling Bailey “snaggle-tooth” for the past couple months.  Her two front teeth started getting loose and the one on the right turned sideways and slid behind her other one.  We finally got it to come out a few weeks ago.  Well, the one on the left shifted dramatically once the right one was gone.  It’s looked like it was dangling by one root for weeks.  The sucker won’t come out, though.  Now her two adult teeth are starting to come in right behind it, and it is actually less loose than it was before.  We’re kind of worried that if it doesn’t come out soon it might damage her permanent teeth (leading to a lot of extensive and expensive orthodontics work).  So, we’re off to the dentist again tomorrow morning…

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