7 Quick Takes (v. 8)


1.  Every where I go I see signs to get flu shots (only $24.99).  I am not a big fan of flu shots, and not just because I don’t like being stuck with needles.  From what I understand is that the flu shot makers take their best guess as to which strands will be going around and use those for the vaccinations.  However, there are many other strands out there that you can still get after having a flu shot.  And it always seems like every person I know who gets a flu shot ends up getting the flu anyway and infecting people around them.

2.  Speaking of needles, it’s amazing to think that non-tattooed people may be the minority someday soon.  It seems like everyone has a tattoo these days.  I am not anti-tattoo, exactly.  Actually, I probably have more reverence for tattoos than the average person.  My feeling is that you should not have anything permanently tattooed onto your body unless it has deep personal meaning and long-lasting significance.  So, I just can’t personally understand cartoon characters as having deep and long-lasting personal significance.  I love Belle from Beauty and the Beast but not enough to have her inked onto me.  I always thought that if I ever did get a tattoo it would be a small Chi Rho on my inside ankle, where it could easily be covered with long pants or socks.   Maybe  I’ll get one when I’m 70, so I won’t be like a plain-bellied Sneetch in the old-folks home.  By that time they can work with the wrinkles and saggy skin to make a more lasting image.

3.  Speaking of needles yet again, Bailey bravely endured two shots of Novocaine to have that front snaggle-tooth pulled last Saturday.  Bailey looks absolutely adorable without those two front teeth.  She keeps getting mad that we just stare at her mouth when she talks.  Within a few days of having that tooth pulled, though, her adult teeth really started coming in.  We totally made the right decision to get that tooth pulled, even if it did set us back $30.


4.  There are two dentists in our office.  One checks for cavities after the hygienist does cleanings and handles adult tooth issues.  Dr. C. ,who has pulled three of Bailey’s teeth, mainly handles the kids’ issues.  Apparently when she had her check-up three months ago the other dentist couldn’t be bothered to examine her mouth for anything but cavities.  Dr. C. took me aside, though, and said that Bailey should probably see an orthodontist soon because her bottom arch or palate or something is not growing enough to handle all the adult teeth.  He wasn’t sure what exactly an orthodontist could do at this point, but they might be able to come up with a game plan before big issues arise.  Small mouths tend to run in my family, but so far she doesn’t seem to be getting my buck teeth (knock on wood–can we do that as Catholics?).

5.  Of course, as you may know, I am not really keen on our dental office and had high hopes of switching from the HMO to the PPO next year and finding a dentist closer to home with more accomodating hours.  After talking to the human resources manager at my husband’s job it looks like we’ll be staying where we are.  It turns out that the PPO not only has a higher premium, but it also has a one year waiting period for major work and doesn’t cover any orthodontics.  (Banging head against desk!!)

6.  I didn’t go back with Bailey when she had her tooth pulled; she usually prefers her Daddy for that.  Apparently, as soon as she hopped in the dental chair she informed everyone that she had some “concerns about her molars”.  They had been sore on and off, and she didn’t know if one of them could be just rubbing a “mouth ulcer”.  Dr. C. told her that it was probably her adult molars trying to break in.  However, the dental assistant asked my husband, “Is she homeschooled?”  When he answered in the affirmative, she replied, “I thought so.  No kid her age talks like that.”  I’m assuming that is a good thing.

7.  Speaking of homeschooling, I learned a new word this week.  Have you never heard of a word before in your life to have it pop up twice in a matter of minutes?  I went to one of Catholic websites that used the word narthex withing 10 minutes.  A few minutes later got around to reading the weekly parish bulletin and came across the same term.  I had gone through 32 years of my life, 12 years of Catholic school, and 4 years of college focusing on Christianity in my major without coming across the word narthex once.  It’s really just a fancy name for the lobby before you enter the nave of a church.  I had heard the word nave before, but I had to look that up to.  (sigh.)

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  1. angie Says:

    sounds like it might be a great thing

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