Piper on her 4th Birthday

Piper Princess Puffy

Today we are celebrating the 4th birthday of my second daughter, Piper.  Our big plans for today include swimming at Memaw and Papaw’s hotel and going to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner when Daddy gets home from work.  These are two of her favorite things to do.  Piper has many other favorite things, though, like butterflies and flowers and rainbows and unicorns.  (She describes such things as “Princess Puffy” and “Girl Techie”.)  She loves pasta with tomato sauce and anything involving chocolate or peanut butter.

It’s been an interesting year for Piper.  This time last year she was still in diapers until she decided on Christmas that she was pretty much done with them.  It was about a month after she turned 3 that I realized that she could write most of the alphabet.  Now she likes to practice writing words.  She’s very good at counting and even some simple addition (even though she doesn’t know what addition is).  She is so smart, and has an excellent vocabulary.

There were some rough periods, though.  She definitely went through the Terrible Threes. For close to six months, Piper became very picky about every little thing and expected me to be a mind reader.  There were many temper tantrums, and many trips to time out for hitting, rudeness, and general kid craziness.  Thankfully, most of that seems to be behind us now.  She’s even starting to warm up to a few hugs and kisses on the cheek after denying us these things for almost two years.

Piper loves her sisters.  She and Bailey play together a lot, and she and Katie are always hugging and kissing on each other.  Piper enjoys playing with other little kids, too.  I’ve noticed that she seems to prefer small groups, though, and gets a little overwhelmed in large ones.  This may be because Piper also likes her quiet or “peace” as she calls it.  But she is not shrinking violet.  She can be just as loud as the rest, especially when she is singing her favorite songs or making up her own in her deep voice.

She still loves the drums, and Ringo is her favorite Beatle.  She enjoys gymnastics classes and riding her bike and going to and in places with Mommy and Daddy even if there is nothing there for her.  And everywhere she goes she brings a smile to people’s faces.  She is just so adorable with her big, expressive eyes and long eye-lashes.  Even when she is angry, she looks so cute.

I can’t wait to see how she grows and develops over this coming year.  She won’t be a pre-schooler for very much longer.  The thing that is scariest about Piper turning four is that next year she’ll be turning five.  My girls are growing up too fast.

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