7 Quick Takes (v. 9)

7_quick_takes1.  I can’t decide if we’re being prudent or over-protective, but we decided to pull the kids out of gymnastics classes for the next session.  Until now I’ve been pretty much writing off all the Swine Flu talk as hype, but at this point I don’t really know what to think.  So, now are Fridays will be free.  I feel bad that they will be missing their classes when they were both progressing, but I’m also kind of relieved because Fridays were getting so crazy:  wake-up, gymnastics, lunch, Aldi, home, other grocery, gymnastics, dinner.  I’m thinking that when we do sign them up again we’re going back to having their classes on different days.

2. I had already kept our Friday homeschooling plans light, but sometimes we weren’t even getting to what little I had planned.  Forget about doing little extras like our Spanish vocabulary flash cards or math and reading activities to reinforce certain concepts.  I think Bailey really needs extra work with math facts through ten and making ten as well as letter blends.  So hopefully we can take some time on Fridays to go over those things.

3.  As part of our plan of avoiding places where large numbers of children might spread germs, we also decided that we would break our tradition of taking  Bailey to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday next month.  She was upset until we told her that she could plan her own party at home.  It will still only be family, but she’s been scouring the Party City website and discerning which Hannah Montana plates and balloons and such that she wants for her party.  I’ll have to start scouting out the local bakeries soon about the cake (we usually just bought one at Chuck E. Cheese), and we’ll probably order some Pizza Hut.  All in all, we probably won’t spend too much more than we would at Chuck E. Cheese on food and tokens.  And who knows?  We may even be starting a new tradition.

4.  The girls are looking forward to Halloween.  They’ll be having their own Halloween Party early in the day at Granny’s after spending the night there.  Then we’ll pick them up and take them trick-or-treating around 5:00.  The official time for our village is between 4:00 and 7:00.  That seems so early, and I have to admit that I’m not real keen on it being controlled by the government.  Then again I don’t want kids knocking at my door at 10:00, either.  At least our village has never tried to move trick-or-treating away from Halloween just because it fell on a weekday.  That’s really taking things too far.

5.  This year we luck out with the Feast of All Saints, though.  It falls on a Sunday, so we don’t have an extra day that we’re required to be at Mass.  I know that is the completely wrong attitude.  And in fact I really like going to Mass, but it is also really stressful with the kids sometimes.  I think I am still traumatized from having to attend the Easter Triduum last year.  It was a very long three days at the Church, even though it was totally worth it.

6.  For the past few months we’ve hit about three or four different churches besides our regular parish.  Ok, mainly we’ve been hitting the ones that have an evening Mass on Sundays.  What has really amazed me, though, is the high quality of homilies I’ve heard at almost everyone.  (Sure, the last priest should have stopped after point two or three, but it would have been an excellent homily if he had.)  I don’t know if the quality of homilies has gotten way better since I was a kid or if it’s just a symptom sign that I am getting old more mature.

7.  We finally dropped our land line and switched to cell phone only two weeks ago.  The biggest problem is that the cell phone just isn’t as loud as our land-line phone was (and we used to have two land-line phones).  I pretty much have to carry it on me all day long because I can’t hear it at all if I’m upstairs doing something and I can barely hear it over the usual din of three children when I’m on the same floor with it.  I definitely need to get a belt clip for those days when I don’t have a pocket to put it in.  I also need to find a higher place to keep it when I’m not holding it, because Katie keeps scooting a chair over to my spot on the counter so she can grab it.  She’s the queen of scooting chairs around to get into stuff that she shouldn’t.  This is what I get for not having a kitchen gate in place before she became mobile.

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