Number 4

Yes, I am announcing the conception and gestation of baby #4.  Now some of you may have a few questions, which I thought would address systematically:

1.  When is the baby due?

Between my calculations and the initial ultrasound results my providers and I have agreed on June 18th, making me just shy of 9 weeks along.

2.  Was this a planned pregnancy?

Yes, at least as much as God will allow us into the planning process.  We knew that it was a significant probability that I would get pregnant at the time, but God might have had other plans for us.

3.  After having three girls, were you trying for a boy?

No.  The desire to have a boy played absolutely no part in our decision to have another baby.  Four just seemed like a nice round number.

4.  Are you hoping for a boy?

No and Yes.  No, because we already have all the girl stuff, and it would certainly make things easy to have two girls per bedroom.  Yes, because having a boy would be a new adventure, and we would ask for nothing but clothing for the first two years, therefore limiting the number of toys that are brought into this house.  I think everyone else in the family is rooting for a boy, though.

5.  Are you or your husband going to “get fixed” after this one?

No.  Not only are tubal ligation and vasectomy questionable in their effectiveness they are also against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

6.  So, now that you’re both Catholic are you going to be having kid after kid after kid like in that Monty Python song?

No, while the Catholic Church teaches openness to life and condemns the use of artificial contraception, the Catholic Church also encourages responsibility and proper discernment when it comes to family size.  Natural Family Planning, which the Catholic Church allows for the postponement of pregnancy, has an effective rate comparable to most forms of artificial contraception if used correctly.

7.  Just how many more kids are you going to have?

Well, at this point we are thinking that this will be it.  We think that four will be all that we can handle physically and financially.  However, as we learned with Katie, sometimes God has other plans for us.  So, while I don’t see us actively seeking a fifth pregnancy, if the Lord decided us to bless us we would not be upset about it.

8.  How in the world will you be able to afford another child when you just got rid of your cable television to save money?

That is partly none of your business…but you need way less stuff by the time you get to the 4th than you did the first time around.  Day to day expenses are less of a concern than things like braces, college, or weddings.  Then again, we expect our kids to have realistic expectations about the latter two.  As for homeschooling, I have intentionally purchased many things with an eye towards them being reused with future children.  I even went so far as to buy extra math workbooks for a possible fourth child

9.  What do the girls think about having a new baby in the house?

Bailey was in such shock that she thought I was lying at first.  Once she realized I was telling her the truth she started screaming with excitement and wanted to tell the whole world.  Piper laughed and smiled and said she was hoping for a little brother.  Katie had no idea what I was talking about, but she is only 18-months-old.

10.  What is the air-speed velocity of a well-laden swallow?

I don’t know…but I’m going to feel like one in about six or seven months.

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