The Age of Reason

Today my Bailey turns seven.  Really, though, I’ve been thinking of her as a seven-year-old for sometime.  For at least a month, the age of six hasn’t seemed to encompass the new maturity I’ve seen in her.  Not that she’s ready to move out and get a job or anything, but I see her making much deeper connections with the world around her.  I can see that she has a better grasp of what is right and what is wrong.  I can just see that she’s really not a baby anymore.

There have been ups and downs of course.  With Bailey’s “spirited” temperament the roller coaster ride that is parenthood will always be more extreme.  But I have seen her gain greater self-control in the past year, and it gives me hope that she is capable of so much more.  I have seen her love for her family as she willingly (most of the time) helps her sisters and teaches her sisters and has tried to take care of me and her dad from time to time, too.  Bailey has such a big heart.

Sometimes Bailey shows a wisdom beyond her years.  She can tell when we are saying something silly just to placate one of her sisters.  Sometimes she looks at the crazy behavior of her peers and gives us that look of sympathy and understanding that often passes between adults.  And the other adults in our life find it both impressive and annoying how comfortable she is discussing anything with anyone.

And recently I’ve been excited to watch as her ability to read has really taken off.  It’s enabling her to enjoy so many more things in life.  Bedtime has become less torturous for all of us as she has discoverd the joys of reading in bed.  She’s become more independent with some of her games now that she doesn’t have to wait so much for mom or dad to read her the directions.

I can’t wait to see how much she grows and develops in the next year.  And I am thankful that I will have such a wonderful big girl helping me out when this new baby arrives this summer.

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