Bailey’s and Piper’s Room

Today is the big day when we are kicking Piper (4) out of our bedroom.  It’s been a process starting last May when we had Piper and Katie switch places in the family bed.  Then after her birthday in early October, we separated the twin bed and queen bed so that Piper could get used to sleeping without snuggling with me at night.  A few weeks ago we combined the big girls “lights-on” bedtime routines.  And today Piper will be officially moving in with her big sister Bailey (7).  I think they are both excited and unsure about the whole thing.

To ease the transition, though, we redecorated the room.  Originally it was just going to be a matter of removing the junk table (a card table that once upon a time I was able to use for jigsaw puzzles) and adding a three-drawer cart for Piper’s clothes.  But then a co-worker of my mother-in-law offered me comforters for twin beds that her daughters had outgrown.  A week later she threw in a box of matching sheets and pillow cases.  (This is not the first time we have received her generous gift of hand-me-downs.  We’ve also received two Disney Princess comforters, a toy box, and several boxes of toys that thankfully stay at my mother-in-law’s.  Thank you, Jennifer!!!)

Then Bailey broke her lamp the other night, which was the only light source in the room.  So I made a special trip to Target to get a replacement to match the new motif.  I also came across this wonderful matching clock for five dollars that displays the minutes in 5-minute intervals in addition to the normal 12 numbers.  I thought this would be a great teaching clock.  And while I was there I picked up an orange sheet set since the sheets we were given are for twin beds and the girls will be sharing a full bed.  We needed two extra pillow cases for the room anyway, and  I used the regular full sheet for a bed skirt.  I even had the inspiration of replacing the navy blue twin-bed sheet that I’ve had pinned up as a curtain with one of the twin-bed sheets that matches the new bedding.  (We’re fancy like that).

After lunch, I put it all together, and now we have a new Big Girls room.  One comforter was actually big enough to cover the bed.  And the colors couldn’t be more perfect because Piper loves orange and Bailey is all about hot pink.  The room is probably slightly more Bailey dominant because she’s been accumulating more knick-knacks and wall art in there over the past three years (see the baseball stickers), but we’re trying to make more space for Piper to make it her own as well.  For instance, we have to find a place for her 2010 Wizard of Oz calendar and the Ringo Starr autograph she inherited from her dad.  But you can see the display bookcase she gets to use and her new “dresser” in the picture below (as well as the new “curtain”).

I decided to do the final transition this week because after tomorrow Ricky will be off several days for Thanksgiving and can help with Katie while I deal with the big girls.  I am sure it will be a(n)…..ordeal/process/fiasco…making Piper aware that she is permanently moved and working out the issues of sharing a room.  But it has to be done…if for no other reason than Rick and I are tired of being pushed off of the queen mattress as Katie hogs the bed like only a toddler can.  It would only get worse as I get bigger, so I immediately put our big family bed back together in our room so that I can spread out on the twin mattress (which I will later share with the newborn).  And as you can see, I even snagged one of the new comforters for myself.

At least we should have two years before we have start transitioning Katie out.  Where she will go exactly will probably be greatly determined by whether baby #4 is a girl or a boy.  Thankfully, I have plenty of time before I have to worry about any of that (although I catch myself worrying about it now).  But after all of that hard work today I think it is time for a nap…

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