7 Quick Takes (v. 11)

1.  I’ve decided that 18 months is the greatest age for kids.  They are still little and chubby and cute.  They are starting to talk and discover how to say new words each day with their little “baby talk”, but they haven’t learned how to be smart asses yet.  They haven’t quite hit the picky stage that starts around age 2.  They can’t really be deliberately disobedient.  They still tend to need a daily nap.  And while they are starting to show their unique personality they haven’t reached the point of needing to assert it at every opportunity.

2.  One of the local radio stations (93.7) switches exclusively to Christmas music throughout the month of December (never mind that the Christmas season is supposed to last through Epiphany at least but that’s a Pet Peeve post for another day).  I’ve been muting the television and putting on the radio more at home, and it’s been a lifesaver in the van since our CD player broke.

3.  I noticed that my OB office has lightened up about fish and seafood consumption since the last time they gave me dietary information with my second pregnancy.  I think they realized that they were scaring pregnant women away from eating fish when the benefits of doing so outweigh the risks for most women unless they’re catching their own out of dubious waters.  Of course, I’m not sure if these lightened restrictions means that I should be plowing through 10 ounces of tuna fish salad in two days.

4.  Lately, I’ve been watching Regis & Kelly in the mornings while I eat my breakfast.  Every morning they have this contest where a person they call can win a resort vacation if she answers their question correctly.  Every time they play it, though, I can’t help thinking that I would probably intentionally miss the question if given the opportunity.  First of all, I doubt that a resort vacation would cover a family of five (almost six), and we couldn’t afford to pay for extra tickets and such.  And we don’t leave our kids with anyone for more than one night (and that anyone is only their granny).  I also get extremely stressed out at the mere thought of trying to herd everybody on to planes and on a big vacation.  We haven’t even made it back to Kentucky for a visit since 2006.  So, I think I would intentionally miss the question and be quite content with a $500 gift certificate from Bed, Bath, & Beyond or some equivalent store…unless they would give you the money value of the trip and not make you actually go on it.

5.  I am always amazed when my kids are amazed that I am right about something.  “Wow, Mom, snow really is cold;  I really do need to put on my mittens.”  Sometimes I think that they think that I’m this big stupid ogre whose sole purpose in life is to ruin their good times, make them do things they don’t want to do, and be at their beck and call.

6.  Winter has definitely hit here in the Chicago area.  We had an amazingly mild fall.  We weren’t exactly running around in shorts in t-shirts, but when the first major snow fall doesn’t hit until December instead of early November (or even October) I consider that mild.  I didn’t even pull out my long johns until last week.  So now I start each day by turning on the fireplace and heating up the oven.   The portable heater is getting more use.  I’m lotioning everyone up after baths to forestall winter eczema.  I make sure I have all the caps and mittens stuffed in my pockets before we go out.  Daddy and I are being mean and making the big girls keep their coats on in the van.  I just need to hide the nightgowns, so they won’t have the temptation to wear those at night.  And after seeing how dry and snug the girls looked in their snowpants the other day, I’m thinking of investing in some for myself.

7.  Monday I go for my “First Prenatal Check-up”.  Now they call your real first visit the “Confirmation Visit”, because it’s not included in the global billing.  But Monday I get to have all my blood work done.  I can’t wait.  Not!  I always bruise terribly no matter how gently they stick the needle in.  It’s probably slightly due to the pregnancy-induced thrombocytopenia I usually develop.  This gives me the privilege of getting blood draws a lot close to the end of my pregnancy, during labor, and after delivery.  The during labor blood draws are my personal favorites.  But on the plus side, this time I’m in with the midwife that delivered Katie.  And I am going by myself…peace and quiet.  Although, I will miss the CD player in the van since I often jammed out to my Buffy Once More With Feeling soundtrack on these rare occassions of being alone.

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One Comment on “7 Quick Takes (v. 11)”

  1. It would stress me out terribly to take a long vacation with my little kids, too. It just doesn’t sound relaxing to deal with tired, cranky, out-of-place kids on what should be a calm vacation. And, they’ve never stayed away from us before, so leaving them with my parents would just terrify me! I hope when they’re older, I’ll have lightened up enough to take vacations. Until then…

    Big Stupid Ogre 🙂 Heh.

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