Santa Secrets

These are some of the things that we know about Santa at our house:

  1. Santa Claus is really St. Nicholas.
  2. Santa Claus is friends with God (hence the whole saint thing), and God is the one who gives him his info about who has been naughty or nice.
  3. Santa has a magic key that he uses if a house doesn’t have a chimney.
  4. Santa has the technology to temporarily disable security systems.
  5. Santa is very quiet and sneaky in his work.
  6. Santa will not come until all the children are asleep, and he is sure that none of the adults will disturb him.
  7. Santa doesn’t always gives us everything we ask for because a) he knows it’s not really that good, b) he knows our parents don’t really want us to have it, c) he knows that someone already bought it for us, and/or d) he has a lot of kids to take care of and he just can’t give everybody everything.
  8. Santa respects the right of parents to prefer that he not come to their house.
  9. Santa is fat because he gets so many cookies to eat every Christmas.
  10. Santa has helpers who dress up like him to help out at malls and on television appearances, but you never know which ones are the helpers and which one is the real Santa.
  11. Santa is very smart, and sometimes he brings stuff that we need or that he thought we might really like even though we never told him.

It seems like we learn something new about Santa Claus every year. 😉

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