7 Quick Takes (v. 12)

1.  This year I was so excited when the free wall calendars from the parish came in mid-December.  Last year we didn’t get them until mid-January.  I LOVE the calendars from the Church.  I have since I was a teenager.  First of all, I love that they aren’t gigantic like the ones that you find at the store.  They are just a simple spiral bound calendars with the month layed out on the bottom and a picture at the top.  And I am super-excited that they’ve gone back to religious art this year for the pictures.  I also like that most of the saints feast days are marked in addition to other Church feasts and Holy Days of Obligation.  I’ve been adding one little thing, though.  On the first and last Friday of each month I’ve been putting how many weeks pregnant I will be because sometimes in the haze of life I forget.  I’m terrible at remembering number-related things in general.

2.  This numbers amnesia thing is a good reason that I married my husband.  He is like a savant when it comes to numbers.  He remembers our phone numbers from three homes ago (sometimes I still struggle with our current one).  He can add, subtract, divide, multiply, and pull statistics out of his arse in the blink of an eye.  He remembers all of the kids measurements at birth and special dates from our courtship way better than I can.  He’s just gifted like that.

3. Katie had a terrible “something” over Christmas.  It has kind of lasted like a cold but acted like allergies plus a fever.  It doesn’t help that she is cutting all four canines right now.  Despite 5000 nose-wipings, watering bloodshot eyes, and the need for some extra mini-naps, she was in pretty good spirits.  You should have seen how excited she got when she opened her six pack of Fashion Shoes.

4.  I was wondering as I was eating an English muffin with cream cheese a few weeks ago…Are “nooks & crannies” really that great?  What the hell do they mean by that anyway?

5.  I have a Word file entitled “Prospective Reading List”.  If I’m wanting to read something  but I can’t think of anything off-hand then I go there.  Or if I come across the mention of a book that seems interesting I add it to the list.  I highlight the ones that are not currently available through my library system.  If I’m reading a current series, I mark down the title and release date of the next installment.  I lately went through to update it (deleting books that I’ve read) when I noticed that one book in a series I’m reading came out three months ago.  I quickly requested it from the library only to learn that another book in the series came out in December and is on order.  Merry Christmas to me!!

6.  My belly is starting to pooch out a bit.  The big girls were really excited when they noticed and couldn’t keep their hands off my belly.  It’s so much fun to see them so excited.  The hard part is fitting my butt into my pants.  I’ve got to dig my box of maternity clothes out of the crawl-space ASAP.  The only thing holding me back is that I know there is stuff I also need to put in the crawl space that really needs to be organized.  Let’s see if I can get my pregnant self up to do it in the next few days.

7.  We let the girls stay up to watch the ball drop last night with the stipulation that they forfeit their bedtime routine and that anyone having a meltdown after the usual bedtime will go straight to bed.   Bailey was wound up the whole night and inventing New Year’s Eve traditions as only Bailey can.  And of course, she tried to fanagle some bedtime routine despite the fact that I had reminded her 5000 times that as soon as the ball dropped we were going straight to bed.

I should have taken advantage of the fact that she’s still not very good with time and told her that when the ball dropped on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve that it was time for bed.  But I was honest and explained the whole time difference thing.  Piper did ok through the night, but the closer it got to midnight she wanted to snuggle with me.  Since I was ready to die from exhaustion I had no objections to laying down on the couch with her.  She started to drift off about ten minutes until midnight.  I roused her enough for the final countdown and then carried her off to bed.  Katie finally started hitting the wall around midnight, too, so once I pushed Bailey towards her bed with admonitions to calm down and read quietly until she got sleepy Katie and I went off to bed ourselves.

I don’t know for sure what we will do with the girls next New Year’s Eve.  I am sure that 2010 will be full of expected and unexpected surprises.  So, we’ll just take it one day at a time.  And while next New Year’s Eve seems miles away today I know it will be here in a blink of an eye.

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