7 Quick Takes (v. 13)

1.  Recently Jen at Conversion Diary stated in a post that she learned in 2009 not to mess with the “Poop Fates”…that if you laugh at the fecal misfortunes of others you better be prepared to have some of your own.  I’ve been thinking about the same thing about the “Mass Behavior Fates”.  At the Mass for the Feast of Mary Mother of God on New Year’s Day, I started mentally criticizing the uncontrolled behavior of a four-year-old who was climbing all over a nearby pew in the middle of Mass.  ‘My four-year-old knows better than that’ I thought smugly to myself.  Then it began:  Piper started using her fingers as toys to walk up and down the back of the pew in front of us, Bailey started crying because I moved her coat off the floor so that I could put the kneeler down to entertain Katie, and Katie decided that Mass was the perfect time to turn into Chatty Cathy and loudly name everything she saw in the large nativity set in front of our pew (Cow!!  Baby!!  Sheep!!).  If only Catholics believed in karma or fate…

2.  I missed Mass last Sunday to stay home with a sick Piper.  I really hated missing the Epiphany celebration and singing “We Three Kings”.  I really hated missing it even more when my husband came home and described how our associate pastor sat in with the choir, sang a Christmas song from his native Poland, and played the violin.  I miss all the good stuff!!

3.  Piper had the same virus that Katie had on Christmas, only worse.  Her eyes didn’t just get blood-shot they became completely blood red.  She looked like something out of a zombie movie.  This earned her a trip to the doctor, and so we have had the joy of fighting to put drops in her eyes three times a day.

4.  Wednesday night my husband and I went out to a club for the first time in almost 7 years.  One of his former students is in a band that was playing there and admission was free.  It was not very crowded being a Wednesday, and apparently the management felt this was justification to not turn on the heat.  So I froze as I sipped my non-alcoholic drinks (a coke followed by a cranberry juice)  and listened to the music.  The band we came to see went on at 10:00 and was done at 10:45, and the bar kicked everyone out by 11:15.  It was rather interesting.  It was only in retrospect that I fully appreciated the smoking ban when I realized that I did not reek of cigarettes when I got home.

5.  After the bar closed, we and our friend went with us headed across the street to Flash Taco, a little hole in the wall 24-hour taco place.  My two tacos were really good if a little over-stuffed, but I thought my husbands taquitos looked even better.  We checked out online reviews for it the next day.  It seems like people really, really like Flash Taco if they are extremely drunk or extremely hungry, but not so much if they weren’t.  We found it excellent!!

6.  In fact after my Flash Taco experience I have more of a hankering to try out El Loco Burrito, and authentic Mexican sit-down/carry-out chain in our area.  I don’t like super-duper authentic Mexican, but the enchiladas suizas on their menu look really tasty.  It makes me miss the Tumbleweed back home (which is slightly more authentic than Taco Bell).  Maybe tonight I’ll run over to El Loco Burrito and grab some carry-out for dinner.

7.  I’ve been feeling the familiar flutter of baby movements over the past week.  It’s still not a very consistent feeling, yet.  I notice it mainly when I’m laying down to rest or when I have my knees scrunched up against me.  I can’t wait until the kids are able to feel the movements.

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