7 Quick Takes (v. 15)

1.  We have a new favorite restaurant at our house:  El Burrito Loco.  I love their chicken enchiladas suiza and their ground beef tacos.  Hubby goes for the steak tacos with cheese only.  Both the big girls like the cheese quesadilla, although Bailey will also eat a steak taco.  Katie likes the french fries (basically she likes any french fries).  I’m not big on their salsa verde, but their desserts are a big hit.  They import them from a bakery in Chicago.  We tried the flan one night and another night this chocolate cake with whipped cream icing and strawberry cheesecake as its middle layer.  Muy delicioso!!

2. Thanks to my local library I finally got around to watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  I really enjoyed it, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy my own copy until I listened to Commentary:  The Musical.  I was dying laughing as the cast and crew reunited to do a mock DVD commentary in song.  I’d be tempted to get the soundtrack, but since our CD player in the van is broken I doubt I’d ever listen to it much.  But I am definitely using my Christmas money to get the movie.

3. The first day of the new homeschooling semester went well.  It took us just about an hour to get through our plans for the day.  The second day of the new homeschooling semester went well, too….after I spent two hours waiting for a tow truck to come jump-start the mini-van then another hour driving around trying to find a shop that could help me and being afraid to turn off the car until someone agreed.  It turns out one of the connectors to the battery had come loose, but thankfully the place I found tightened and checked our battery for free.

4.  As soon as we realized the van was dead Tuesday morning, I ordered this portable jumpstarter.  The tow truck driver who helped us with our last battery issue a few months ago recommended this make and model, but I never got around to ordering.  It’s true that it wouldn’t have “fixed” our problem this morning, but it would have saved us two hours of dealing with our road-side-assistance company and the tow company that kept saying, “We’ll just be another 30 minutes.”  Considering we are a one-vehicle family I don’t know why I was so reluctant to to shell out the money for something so obviously necessary.  I just need to be sure to keep it charged once it arrives.

5.  I had a “big family” moment the other day.  We received new identification cards for our dental insurance.  Instead of having one card with my husband’s name to cover all of us, they actually list the names of each covered person in our family.  However, they seem to assume that most families won’t consist of more than four people.  Me, my husband, and the two oldest girls are on one card, and little Katie has a card of her own for now.  Most of the time it’s not a big issue, but I am becoming increasingly aware of the limitations placed on large families.  For instance, we could never eat at a Waffle House without splitting up since they only have four-person booths.  I guess this isn’t too big of a loss since the closest Waffle House is at least two hours away somewhere along I-65 in Indiana.

6.  Dh rented the latest Star Trek movie from the Red Box the other night.  I thought it was really interesting how they totally integrated the established history while opening the door to rewrite history in future movies without pissing off die-hard fans.  I think Gene Roddenberry would be proud with how they breathed new life into the old franchise.

7.  We’re probably still a good two or three months from getting our tax refund, but I’ve already plotted out in my mind how to spend most of it.  I know a lot of people complain that if you get a big refund you’re just letting the government hold onto your money for a long time.  But I kind of see it as a savings account that we can only access once a year.  Although, I might talk to our accountant about making a few adjustments.

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