7 Quick Takes (v. 16)

1.  I received a package of baby formula samples in the  mail last week.  I also received a flyer for a baby-supply company with which I’ve never ordered a few weeks ago.  Which leads me to wonder how “they” know that I am pregnant.  Do they have clairvoyants on staff?  The only official agencies who have been informed of my pregnancy are my doctor’s office and the blood lab, and I would assume that due to  HIPAA they would not be allowed to sell the information.

2.  I finally was able to get in touch with the DRE at our church.  I knew that FHE ceremonies aren’t until June, so I thought I had lots of time to prepare Bailey for her first confession and the sacrament test for First Holy Eucharist.  Boy, was I wrong!!  Confessions are set for mid-march, and Bailey has to take the test by the end of April at the latest.  So, I’ve frantically been trying to get our preparation program together and get with it.

3.  My dental office drives me crazy!!  Last Monday was my regularly scheduled six-month cleaning.  The hygienist is like a broken record, “You know, you should really consider coming in every three months for a cleaning.”  Now my teeth are far from a model of perfection, but I haven’t had a cavity in close to ten years.  The bigger issue is my gums, and while I am not the most consistent flosser, I can’t help wondering if part of my problems aren’t due to genetics.  Every time she makes that recommendation, I want to say, “Well, maybe if you worked more than two days a week and I didn’t have such a hard time making an appointment around my husband’s work schedule I would consider it.”  On top of that I just found out that if we did schedule a cleaning before the six-month limit established by our insurance, it would cost us $80 out-of-pocket.  Forget that!!

4. We were Mario Kart crazy last week.  The girls received the Wii game for Christmas.  We played a little bit since then, but last week we discovered how to unlock more tracks, characters, and vehicles.  The biggest surprise was how well Piper (age 4) did.  We knew that she could play the game, but we never expected her to be able to get all of the first place finishes that are necessary to unlock things.  She got  on a roll and earned four medals in one night.

5. When we weren’t playing Mario Kart as a family, we were watching the Back to the Future movies.  It’s so funny to think that when Doc Brown first talks about going to the future at the beginning of the first movie he says that he plans to go ahead 25 years.  Since the movie is set in 1985, Doc Brown would have been headed to 2010!!  At the end of the movie, though, he plans to go 30 years ahead, so the second movie is set in 2015.  It is even more hilarious watching the sequel now because on one hand everyone has flying cars but then they are still using dot matrix printers.  At some point we’ll have to watch the third one; my husband and I both seem to remember it being better than the second one.

6.  We had our taxes done this week.  We get another big refund thanks to our 3 little tax credits, and we’ll have a fourth one for 2010!  It really couldn’t come too soon, though.  My dryer is on the fritz now.  Since we moved to this house, three and half years ago we’ve had to replace the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and blower motor for the heater/air conditioner….and now the dryer.  The water heater was installed in November 2002, so with any luck that won’t die anytime soon.  But we know that the outside air conditioner unit needs to be replaced at some point.  Just call this house “The Money Pit”.

7.  Katie is great about saying “Thank you”.  She is also the most helpful little person you will ever find.  The other day she spontaneously cleaned up one of her big sister’s messes.  If you so much as mention to yourself that you need something, like a tissue, your sweater, or your keys, she takes off in search of it for you.  However, when Katie wants something she’s developed this tendency to screech out her commands.  So, I’m working on introducing the word “please” into her vocabulary.  Of course it is completely adorable when she does say it.

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5 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 16)”

  1. Gae Says:

    Congratulations on your news.
    I also have to ring the parish office as we have three Cofirmation candidates and one First Holy Communion candidate.
    I must do this on Monday.
    What programe are you using for these.
    Just curious as I have made up a mixture of resources.
    I just need to start on Monday as well
    God Bless

    • barboo77 Says:

      I’m using The New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism (with a little tweaking) and then we’re putting together an FHE lap book. My DRE gave me a sample test, and she’s supposed to send me a study guide. So for now we’re doing this, and then when we get closer to test time we’ll study for the test itself.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Do you have one of those electric twirly toothbrushes? The hygenist used to have to clean my teeth forever, but once Matt convinced me to switch (by throwing away all of our other brushes so I’d be forced to) I’m in and out in minutes. I’m really convinced that they make a difference, now.

    • barboo77 Says:

      My mom keeps trying to get me to switch to a power brush as well. Most of them are set for two minutes, and we already have a toothbrushing/handwashing timer that we use. Mainly it comes down to habits for me, being sure to make time to floss and brush at night. I’m not saying that I’ll never go to a power brush, but I’m not real keen on dealing with batteries/recharging.

  3. Joe Says:

    You are correct in re: the third Back to the Future. I loved them all, but the second is definitely the weak link. Keep enjoying them!

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