7 Quick Takes (v. 17)

1.  I’m at 23 weeks today. Last week  I had my first visit this pregnancy with the midwife who delivered Piper.  Because of this, I really wanted Piper to go with me.  Plus it’s a special experience for the big girls; the midwives usually let them help out with the exams in little ways.  They also kind of see it as a Mommy/Daughter date.  Unfortunately, Piper had moved onto the coughing stage of the cold going through the house.  I didn’t want her hacking the entire time, getting everyone sick, or risk her picking something else up while we were out.  But this week she developed an ear infection, so the hits just keep on coming.

2. The midwife and I went through all of my blood work.  Apparently, I’m still showing signs of Group B Strep in my system, so that will play a part in the decision of how early I go to the hospital when labor starts.  Unfortunately, my platelets are already making a dramatic drop as well.  It was discovered with my first pregnancy that I have mild thrombocytopoenia.  We finally confirmed that it’s pregnancy-related when they did a blood draw at my postpartum check-up for Katie.  My platelets have dropped from 146,000 (normal range) in June of 2008 to  99,000 in December 2009.

In the short term this means that they are going to check my platelets again next month when I have the blood draw for gestational diabetes.  If they have dropped more, they’re going to refer me to a hematologist.  I don’t really expect a hematologist to be able to do anything about it, though.  In the long-term it may mean that if I need a c-section I will have to have general anesthesia instead of an epidural.  Of all the issues that one could have during pregnancy these are relatively mild inconveniences rather than real problems, so I’ll try not to whine too much.

3. Until this past week I managed to catch all the new episodes of Lost as they aired.  But then American Idol ran for an excruciating two hours on Tuesday.   I know it won’t be the last time this happens, either.  American Idol is something we watch as a family, though, so I’ll just have to catch episodes of Lost on line.

4. After we dropped all three girls off at Granny’s for the afternoon on Sunday, we headed for the IKEA which is on our way home anyway.  I was determined to get a new computer chair after using a kitchen chair for a year and a half.  Well, while I was writing down the bin number for my replacement Moses chair, I couldn’t help but notice all of the computer desks just across the aisle.  My computer desk has been in need of replacement even longer than the chair (can we say duct tape?), but I couldn’t find one I liked that I could afford.  Until I saw THIS!  Did you notice the attached magnetic board?  I also happened to scope out this kitchen table that I want.  I have about two and a half years until the Mystery Baby will need some table room, so I have time to save up.

5.  So, I spent Sunday afternoon putting together my new desk while I didn’t have little ones around to run off with my screws and generally distract me.  What I don’t like about IKEA products:  because they are multinational they eschew using written instructions in favor of pictures only.  They’re also not real big on labeling the various parts, so when you have fifty different boards you have to spend ten minutes to determine if you’re using the right one or not.  What I like about IKEA products:  if you make a mistake, it’s usually fairly easy to fix without dismantling all of your previous work or completely destroying the unit.

6.  Our federal tax refund finally was deposited today.  Tonight we’re off to Best Buy to order a new dryer ASAP after we dropped off all three girls to sleep-over at Granny’s (this will be a first so send lots of prayers her way for a smooth evening).  For three weeks now I’ve had to break down each wash load into three dryer loads and run them for 100 minutes each just to get them damp dry and expose them fabric softener.  I will be so glad to get back on a regular laundry schedule!!

7.  But now that we’ve got our big money in, I have some other big shopping to do besides the dryer.  I put in a big homeschooling order with the Rainbow Resource Center (and of course realized after wards that I forgot something).  Then the other big purchase will be the double stroller and car seat.  I think I’m going to get the Graco Duo Glider LX and the Snug Ride 32.  Hopefully, those should get us through the first year, and then we can play musical car seats with everyone.

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3 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 17)”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Ugh, Group B strep! I’ve had it in my system w/ all of my (three) previous pregnancies, and am desperately hoping to avoid it this go round. My last baby did contract it, and didn’t get very sick, thank goodness. I’m homeschooling, too, and will have to check out Rainbow Resource! CGS on your baby… and your tax return!

  2. Cable Says:

    So how did the visit to Granny’s go? Jane just spent the first night at hers recently and they had a great time.

    • barboo77 Says:

      It went well. They have a few kinks to work out, but Katie didn’t fuss at all. She was happy to see us when we picked them up, but she’s been asking to go back to Granny’s everyday since.

      So, have you had that baby, yet?? I keep checking your facebook page for news.

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