NASA Parenting

I have this theory that getting ONE small child to sleep is a lot like coordinating space shuttle take-offs and landings.

1. You have to find the perfect “window” between not-yet-tired and over-tired.
2. If you miss your window, you may have to wait a long-time for the next one.
3. You have to use a variety of ever-changing factors to calculate an approximate “sleep window” such as age, temperament, individual sleep requirements, wake-up times, activity levels, illness, and scheduling issues.
4. You must be able to observe and interpret last minute data, such as the child’s behavioral changes leading up to and during bedtime routines, and adjust accordingly.
5. You have to train your little “astronauts” about their responsibilities.
6. You have to have policies in place to prevent or handle emergency situations, like drinks of water or last-minute bathroom breaks.
7. You have to pray that everything runs relatively smoothly and no one crashes and burns, especially you.

*Of course the difficulty and stress increases when you have more than one young child to deal with. You hope that you can get at least a few on the same shuttle.

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