7 Quick Takes (v. 18)

1.  We took the girls bowling last weekend.  Boy, it is expensive.  The basic rate was $8 per person per game not including shoe rental (which I think was $4), but they had a Sunday special where for $12 per person you got a lane for two hours, shoes, and all-you-can-eat pizza.  I didn’t bowl even though it’s the one sport I’m really good at; my muscles have just been a bit tender with this pregnancy and I didn’t want to risk straining something.  But just for Ricky and the big girls it was about $40.  They managed to get in three games in two hours.  It would have been a better deal if we hadn’t just eaten before we went, but Bailey and Piper had a lot of fun.

2.  I always feel slightly sad when I notice on Facebook that people I went to Catholic school with are being baptized or attending other denominations now.  I wonder if they weren’t actually Catholic when I went to school with them, or if they fell away because of the horrible catechesis.  Then I feel conflicted because I would much rather them be an on-fire Protestant than an a non-practicing Catholic or proclaimed agnostic or atheist (not that I have anything against respectful agnostics or atheists other than concern for their souls).

3.  We went by Staples the other night to pick up some stuff Rick needed, and I let each of the big girls pick up a cheap composition notebook.  Since then they’ve been having fun with their journals.  Bailey, especially, likes to write down all of the events of her day.  On a tip from David H. Albert, I give her the spelling of a word whenever she asks without interrupting her train of thought by making her go look it up herself.  But I don’t correct the spelling on journal entries or “reports” that she takes it upon herself to write unless she asks me to do so.  It is very hard to restrain myself, but I don’t want to kill her love of writing by being nit-picky.

4.  I’m really beginning to wonder if I have short-changed Piper by ordering the Explode the Code preschool books.  She is starting to spell/read some three-letter words on her own.  I’m not sure, though, if she is using phonics or memorization.  She overheard me explaining the use of a “apostrophe s” to Bailey the other night, and Piper has been using it correctly ever since.  Again, I am trying to restrain myself.  I’d rather start reading lessons a little late than way too early.

5.  Katie is just talking a blue streak, as they say.  She’s putting together sentences left and right.  She repeats everything her sisters say and everything we say.  We really need to be careful!!

6.  Piper had her last dance class yesterday.  Much to my surprise she says she wants to go back to gymnastics.  She seemed like she really enjoyed the classes overall, and it seems to my untrained eye that she might have a natural talent for ballet.  So, I was really surprised when she said she wanted to quit.  Piper said that the class is too long and makes her tired; it is 15 minutes longer than gymnastics.  I can’t help wondering if the time of day is the bigger factor.  Her gymnastics classes were in the morning, and her dance is in the late afternoon when she gets a little tired and cranky.

So, we’ll switch her back to gymnastics when we get the new schedule (due out March 1).  I warned her that she would probably have to wait a few weeks between dance and gymnastics.  To my surprise, she said, “Good.  We can just stay home and not have anything to do.”  (She is so my daughter.)  I actually questioned if she wanted to sign up for another activity at all, but I think she just wants a small break.

7.  Most mornings Piper wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30 and crawls in the bed with me.  Some mornings she drifts off back to sleep; other mornings she lays quietly for fifteen minutes or so and then wants to go downstairs.  This morning she did a little of both.  But as we were laying there I shifted onto my back.  This inevitably gets the Mystery Baby moving around.  So, I had Piper put her hand on my belly.  Of course, the baby stopped moving.  But I shifted position again, and Piper felt it twice.  She’s the first person besides me to feel it, and she’s been so excited about this baby I’m glad she got the distinction.

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