7 Quick Takes (v. 19): Pregnancy Edition

1.  I am 25 weeks along today.  I have a feeling that my weight gain has slacked off.  I haven’t found a high protein breakfast that is quick to make since I got tired of frozen sausage biscuits.  I’ve  been lazy about making my bedtime meals.  And Lent has put a real kabosh on my habit of grabbing a double cheeseburger from Burger King after my Friday trips to Aldi.  I need to get back to stuffing my face.

2.  Overall, I feel fine.  I do notice that my leg muscles are a little more sensitive this time around.  A muscle just over my right knee gets really sore if I sit with my legs tucked up under me or curl up in bed with my knees too bent.  Breast tissue under my arms pits has already started swelling, too;  I am always more likely to get a clog under my armpits than in my actual breasts when I’m nursing.  I’ll try not to complain too much; overall I have it pretty easy.

3.  The babies movements have changed from little flutters to more pronounced jabs.  The kids got a real kick when I described the baby using my butt as a trampoline.  I’m happy that the baby is so active, but sometimes it’s a little disconcerting when you feel a sucker punch from the inside of your body.  You’d think I’d be used to it with this being my fourth pregnancy.  Sometimes I just wish the Mystery Baby would settled down and let me get some sleep.

4.  Rick and I still haven’t sat down to talk about names.  I think we are both kind of dreading it.  We feel like we kind of whiffed on Katie’s name, and it just seems to get harder with each child.  I could never have as many children as the Duggars just because I couldn’t endure that many conversations about baby names (even if the “J” thing narrowed it down quite a bit).  Actually, I love baby names.  I just hate having to agree on one with my husband.

5.  I feel sort of naughty because I haven’t had my ultrasound yet.  It was the same feeling I got when I ripped up and threw away the kindergarten registration notices for Bailey.  I’m counter-cultural.  I’m a rebel.  I’m bad to the bone.  OK, not really.  If I were really a rebel, I wouldn’t get an ultrasound at all, and I’d have my baby at home.  I’m a half-assed rebel.

6.  We went to the Babies R Us last Sunday.  Actually we went to two different Babies R Us locations last Sunday.  I’m glad we went and actually tried out the products.  I had to have a sales associate show me how to adjust one of those infant seats; they changed a bit since I last bought one in 2002.  And even though the Graco Snugride 32 is supposed to be compatible with the Graco Duoglider LX, it was really hard to get the carrier in and out.  The sales associate showed us the Baby Trend Sit ‘n’ Stand double stroller, and I liked it much better.  But they didn’t have the stroller at the one store, so we had to go to the second one.  Thankfully, I learned that the other store didn’t have the car seat we wanted before we left the first store.  I hope I never have to go Babies R Us ever again.

7.  So, this is how I look to most of the world at this point.  I know, I know, I don’t even look pregnant.  It’s even worse when I’m wearing my coat.

But see…I really am pregnant.  (Special shout out to Bailey for working the camera.)

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 19): Pregnancy Edition”

  1. Enbrethiliel Says:


    Actually, I love baby names. I just hate having to agree on one with my husband.

    I wonder if there is a couple anywhere on earth that finds themselves in agreement on the first name suggested (or on the first combination of names), without having to discuss it further!

    I’m a half-assed rebel.

    Oh, man! I may just steal that line! =D

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