7 Quick Takes (v. 20)

1.  I haven’t done 7 Quick Takes in over a month.  I had a terrible computer virus that shut me down for over a week and then we went on vacation and then we had internet problems and everyone got sick.  Oh, well, stuff happens.

2.  Just before we left on vacation my midwife (well one of the three) called with the results of my recent bloodwork.  No gestational diabetes–I’m not surprised.  My platelets had dropped a bit more and they were debating sending me to a hematologist, but that would really be a waste of time since my thromobocytopenia is pregnancy-induced.  Apparently, though, I am extremely anemic, so now I get to take two doses of Slow-Fe every day and eat lots of steaks–doctors orders.

3.  Teeball season has started with a vengeance.  Bailey will have practice or a game at least three times a week for the next four months.  We are seriously thinking about moving her on into softball next year.  She just seems more interested in socializing than being competitive, which is fine, but she might be better off socializing with a whole team of girls rather than constantly bickering with the boys.

4.  I’ve been working on the outline and resource list for next year’s history.  According to the schedule in The Well-Trained Mind that I decided to follow, next year is Medieval history (400-1600 AD).  I am actually starting a little bit ahead of that with early Christian history in relation to the Roman Empire.  Of course, we will also be hitting Christian history as we cover other significant topics like the Reformation.  So, I am seriously thinking that we won’t do any other formal religious education study next year.

5.  I’m trying to keep it slightly more simple in terms of history resources so that I’m not having to make constant trips to the library with a newborn.  I think our new library is supposed to be finished by the end of the summer, though, so it will be nice to have a drive-thru pick up window available again.

6.  This week I gave the house a really good cleaning.  I still have a few things that need to be done like vacuuming the stairs and scrubbing the kitchen floor, but overall the house looks a lot better.  I even washed the curtains in our bedroom that had ten layers of dust on them (maybe because I was secretly hoping they would shred and I’d have an excuse to buy new ones right now).

7.  I can’t decide if all this cleaning is due to nesting instinct or an attempt to make some order after the recent chaos.  It didn’t feel quite like when I obsessively cleaned the stackable washer and dryer with Q-tips during my second pregnancy, but it is the most in-depth that I’ve cleaned everything in ages.  It would be great, though, if I could keep the house maintained through the last ten weeks of my pregnancy.

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 20)”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Oooo, a drive thru pick up window at the library…that sounds great!

    • barboo77 Says:

      It was really awesome. They shut it down at the old library while the new one is being constructed, so it has made picking up my holds much less convenient.

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