7 Quick Takes (v. 21)

1.  I’m starting to feel little hard spots on my belly from time to time that I know indicate either a hand, foot, elbow, or knee.  I’m just waiting to start feeling the big hard spots that indicate a head or a butt.

2.  My midwives want to start seeing me every two weeks now, like my schedule isn’t crazy enough.

3.  I don’t know what is crazier:  that my belly is so big that it is starting to stick out the bottom of some of my maternity shirts or that it is not sticking out of some of the regular t-shirts that I’ve bought over the years when I wasn’t pregnant.  What was I thinking when I bought everything in Large-size when I am a walking bean-pole?

4.  Katie is rapidly approaching her second birthday.  Her vocabulary and her personality are both really blooming.  We are starting to see some signs of entering the Transitional Twos, though.  The biggest sign is the “Gollum Effect” when she is tired:  “I want banana.”–I give her a banana–“Don’t want banana!!”–banana is thrown on floor–“I want banana!!”.  She hasn’t become picky about what clothes she wears yet, but that’s because she would rather not wear any clothes at all.

5.  I’ve put together a summer homeschooling schedule.  I do try to include some school work year round just to keep a rhythm to our daily routine, but I usually make it lighter over the summer and Christmas Break.  So, she’ll just be doing some math and her Explode the Code Online until she either finishes it or it expires.  Then we’ll switch to doing a few pages of her choosing in the Brain Quest Grade 2 Workbook in addition to math.  Hopefully, we can keep it around 30 minutes of work or less.

6.  I do have the Summer schedule divided into three categories:  Before Baby, 2-week Recovery Period, and Until the Fall Semester.  During the Recovery Period, I’m trying to limit the work to things Bailey can do autonomously or can bring to me on the couch with minimal instruction time if any.  But I totally reserve the right to say “Screw school work!” until I feel like dealing with it again.

7.  I am at 31 weeks today, and I am finally going for my ultrasound this afternoon.  I’m excited; I always love naming all the bones I see on the screen.  Yes, I am a total nerd that way.

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