She’s really does get it…

In just a few weeks it will be the one year anniversary of the baptism of my girls (except the one in utero of course).  From time to time I’ve written about the struggles I’ve had with my oldest daughter, Bailey, who was six at the time of her baptism.  She has not always been very receptive as we’ve embraced the Catholic faith more as a family.

Every once in awhile, though, I get confirmation that she really does get it.  For instance, during our history lesson the other day we discussed how the Mayas sacrificed humans and made blood offerings to their gods, and she noted, “But we don’t give our blood to God; He gives his blood to us.”  I thought this was an awesome connection that she made all on her own.

Since her reading ability has taken off, I showed Bailey where the Bible readings for the Mass are in the missalette, so she can follow along.  She’s also been looking through the songs in the hymnal.  As a result, she’s actually starting to participate more.  And she’s looking forward to her First Holy Eucharist in June when she’ll really be able to participate in the Mass.

Today there was a baptism.  Bailey was really excited because she loves babies.  And while she may not have understood all that was happening in the ceremony (even though she went through it last year), when the priest poured the water over the baby boy’s head she whispered with a smile, “We have a new member of the Catholic church.”

I can tell that she understands more and more of what the Church teaches on an intellectual level.  Yes, she still complains about going to Church most Sundays, and sometimes she still does express certain doubts about God in general.  Every so often, though, I can also see that she really is starting to get it inside her heart, too.

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