7 Quick Takes (v. 22)

1.  I was thinking the other day about how you pretty much couldn’t pay me to move back to Kentucky.  It would just be too hard without the library and the parks district systems up here no matter how much cheaper the cost of living is down there…especially the library system.

2.  I’m at 33 weeks; I’ve got seven weeks to go until my due date.  I’m starting to get that end-of-pregnancy achiness from the weird distribution of extra weight on my body.  And I have officially reached the point where I can’t see where I’m wiping when I use the bathroom.  I know, TMI.

3.  I finally gave in and pulled out my nursing bras.  Even though my regular bras have been cutting into me for weeks, I was resisting the switch.  It hasn’t been that long since I weaned Katie, and I was so glad to pack them away.  The thought of putting them back on so soon depressed me.  But I have to say that the nursing bras feel soooooo much more comfortable.  Again, maybe TMI.

4.  We had to get up super early last Saturday for the opening day parade for our teeball league.  So, I used the early rise time to restructure our sleep times again.  I am starting the two-hour process an hour earlier at night and waking Bailey up 30 minutes earlier in the morning.  It’s been really good for Piper who often got over-tired and super crazy when we started later; now she’s often asleep before ten o’clock which means that I can go to sleep as well.  And most mornings Piper still sleeps until the same time as before showing that she needed the extra rest.

5.  People are still shocked when we tell them that we got rid of our cable television last fall.  I think that freaks them out more than the homeschooling.  There are times when it still occurs to me that it was the best thing we ever did.  PBS kids is so much better in educational and moral content than Disney and Nickelodeon, and the kids spend so much more time playing and creating than vegging out.

6.  That being said, I don’t think I could have given up the cable so easily if my favorite shows weren’t available on the internet for free.  But even then, I’ve let some shows slide off my radar quite a bit.  Television can be such an addiction; it feels great to have it under control rather than have it controlling me and mine.

7.  This week I made a double batch of one of my favorite recipes.  I held off on adding the chicken until the very end so that I could separate out some without meat for Piper.  Then I split up the batches with and without chicken, putting some of each in the refrigerator to nibble on this week and putting some in the freezer for a quick meal after the baby comes.

That will probably be the extent of my freezing ahead, though.  I find I have a much harder time preparing meals when the baby is 3 to 6 months old than I do when she’s newborn, and most frozen meals don’t hold up longer than three months anyway.

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