7 Quick Takes (v. 23)

1.  I feel like total crap today thanks to a head cold I caught from Bailey.  I have almost no voice unless I strain.  My sinuses are stuffed and achy.  And I am so tired it’s not even funny.

2.  Despite the way that I feel, I would have a full-scale mutiny if I tried to cancel our swimming plans for this morning.  The big girls have been asking to go swimming for ages, and I know this will probably be the last chance we have until the fall.  Plus, we will actually be able to see some of our homeschooling friends for the first time since a birthday party in September.

3.  Part of my exhaustion is due to a recent bout of really bad pregnancy-induced acid reflex in addition to the cold.  It all started by following up a king-sized Snickers bar and glass of milk with a double cheesburger (mayo and pickles only) from Burger King just before bedtime Tuesday night.  Wednesday night my stomach was churning so bad that every time it would groan (actually it sound more like a ribbit) Katie would pop her head up from where she was snuggled next to me in the bed and say, “What that sound, Mommy?”

4. 34 weeks today.  I remember when I was this pregnant with Katie I would get so distracted dealing with Bailey and Piper that I wouldn’t notice whether she was active or not for hours.  Well, this one leaves me absolutely no doubts at all.  I probably get a little more downtime this time around, though, since Bailey and Piper are so much older and Katie still takes a nap.

5.  Unless I am completely zombie-fied tomorrow after Bailey’s coach pitch game in the morning, I am hoping to attend my first homeschooling conference in the afternoon.  I mainly want to check out the vendor hall, but I’m going to try to attend at least one of the talks.

6.  I’ve had lots of ideas rattling around in my head for blog posts lately.  In fact I’ve got a bit of a back-log of drafts.  I am always hesitant to post more than one every few days, though.  I want all five of my regular readers to have a chance to read and process what I’ve written before my next profound observation knocks their socks off.  (I am being completely facetious.)  Plus, I don’t want to set up some sort of expectation for daily posting when I know that from time to time I will hit a spell when I just don’t have time to write and post regularly.

7.  Well, I better see if I can figure out a way to restore my voice, so that I can actually hold some sort of discussion with my homeschooling friend over the din of splashing water, pop music, and happy children at the pool.

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 23)”

  1. Sarah Ziegler Says:

    Thought you did fine talking over the din. I’ve just been reading up on short luteal phases and nutrition. Thanks. What was that spelling website again? 🙂

  2. mmstanger Says:

    Oh, how I can relate to pregnancy-induced reflux. The only time I have experienced this lovely condition is when pregnant and I am doing so right now – July will bring an end to it and a beginning to sleepless nights, though my jumping Jack is already kicking me awake some nights. All challenges at times, but, oh the blessings, too. Enjoy the final weeks of your pregnancy and the bundle of blessings you’ll soon hold!

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