Baby Names

Since the Social Security Administration just released their baby name data for 2009, the Baby Name Wizard Blog as been abuzz with new posts dissecting the information.  I’ve always enjoyed names, but since our fourth daughter is due in the next six weeks baby names have a special importance for us at this time.  I thought I would make some of my own analysis using the available data and the first names of our first three daughters.


  • Birth Year Rank: 84
  • # born in 2002 as spelled:  3658
  • # born in 2002 with spelling variations: 4895
  • 2009 Rank: 85
  • # born in 2009 as spelled: 3614
  • # born in 2009 with spelling variations: 5002

My husband picked the name Bailey after one of his favorite characters on WKRP in Cincinnati.  Her name did not even break the top 1000 until 1983 and peaked in 1998.  Then it dropped, and then it had a slight comeback.


  • Birth Year Rank: 259
  • # born in 2005 as spelled:  1255
  • # born in 2005 with spelling variations: N/A
  • 2009 Rank: 147
  • # born in 2009 as spelled:  2164
  • # born in 2009 with spelling variations: N/A

Piper’s first name was just one we came across and liked in spite of Charmed or Robots.  We get the most compliments on her name, and she is so perfectly Piper.  Her name has steadily risen since it first broke the top 1000 in 1999, but it is still not very common.  What I find interesting is how many doctors offices assume that Piper is a boy and even find ways to spell it wrong even though it normally does not have any alternate spellings.


  • Birth Year Rank: 80
  • # born in 2008 as spelled: 3956
  • # born in 2008 with spelling variations:  14,358
  • 2009 Rank:  89
  • # born in 2009 as spelled:  3534
  • # born in 2009 with spelling variations:  12, 191

Now we come to our biggest case of Namer’s Remorse.  Yes, we knew Katelyn in all of its forms was pretty popular.  It was a compromise we made to get the nickname Katie without giving our daughter a nickname name.  Even though her name is very common, she is very unique and special to us.

Mystery Baby

  • Birth Year Rank:  To be determined.
  • # Born in 2010 as spelled: To be determined.
  • # Born in 2010 with spelling variations:  N/A

We tend to be what the Baby Name Wizard Blog refers to as “keepers”.  We don’t announce our baby name choice until after the baby is born.  We’re pretty sure that we are settled on a name for dear daughter #4.  But how does her name stack up compared to the others?

  • At this point, her first name is less popular than Piper’s.
  • However, this name has broken the top 1000 every year since 1954.
  • This name most recently peaked in 1997 but has declined in popularity since then.
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4 Comments on “Baby Names”

  1. theresa Says:

    I can’t resist, I’ve had a lot of fun with the SSA baby names stats before and was trying to guess your latest choice! My first guess was wrong, and I have another guess that seems really on target except the year “most recently peaked” is a couple of years off from what you said. I won’t say here what my guess is and I won’t be overly odd and spend much more time guessing 🙂 (Btw I am also on the 4real board and that is how I found your blog)

  2. theresa Says:

    Actually the “year most recently peaked” would be way off, I think I was just throw by the “most recently” part. It just seemed so right since it is less popular than Piper and has been in the top 1000 uninterrupted since 1954.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I knew Katelyn was really popular, but I was surprised at how popular your spelling variation was. Most of the ones I meet are spelled Kaitlyn or Caitlin.

  4. Cable Says:

    We were also “keepers.” We didn’t want the unsolicited advice about the names we selected. It is a lot harder for someone to say something bad about the name once there is a cut baby there with it!

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