7 Quick Takes (v. 24)

1.  35 weeks today.  I am starting to get a little panicky.  I have a long to-do list put together with the tasks split up over the next five weeks of pregnancy.  But I keep thinking of new things to add to the list, and I am starting to worry about what will happen if I go into labor a few weeks early.  I think its nesting instinct kicking in…I must get all this stuff done as fast as possible.

2.  So, last night I insisted on a trip to Target to buy little diapers, nursing pads, a baby outfit, and a variety of household items that needed to get replaced before I go into labor.  I cleared out most of my shopping list except for a few things I have to order online.

3. One of the things on my shopping list last night was a large zip-up case to hold all of our children DVDs.  I am so tired of picking up plastic DVD cases off the floor.  For months I’ve been keeping the actual DVDs on a computer disc ream to keep them safe anyway.  The only reason I didn’t do this before is I’m generally not a big fan of removing discs from their original cases, but this will certainly simplify things.  I am still going to keep our nicer movies in their cases, but move them out of reach.

4. I am really proud of my daughter Bailey right now.  She has found a series of books that she likes to read, and she is devouring them faster than I can get them in from the library.  Her reading has taken off so much that she’s moved into the last section of her Explode the Code Online, which I think is supposed to be at least two grade levels ahead of her.  I can tell all the math fact drills she’s been doing for about month are really sinking in as she added 25 + 13 in her head the other day.  She’s really blossoming in gymnastics class thanks to her wonderful new coach (who is the head of the program).  She’s definitely one of the top five (if not top three) players on her coach pitch baseball team, being the only one I think to get a hit every game as well as making an awesome out with her accurate “Rocket Arm” and having awesome situational awareness.  And she asked to go to confession a couple of weeks ago and is looking forward to her First Holy Eucharist within the next month.

5.  I am totally in love with my Katie, who celebrated her second birthday last Sunday.  She is so sweet, so funny, so smart, and so helpful.  She does tend to be a little possessive of things and jealous of her sisters snuggling with me which makes me a little nervous for the new baby.  But she is otherwise a delight most of the time.  I think it helps that at this point I have several tricks up my sleeve for avoiding the pitfalls of the Transitional Twos.

6.  Lest my Piper be forgotten, she is just so perfectly Piper.  She is convinced that she is the “smartest person in the world” and loves to recite addition and subtraction facts to prove it.  She has mellowed out a whole lot in the past six months, becoming more affectionate and less temperamental.  I’ve noticed a big improvement, too, since I moved her bedtime up about 45 minutes.

7.  We’re getting ready to hit a transitional time with finals week starting on Monday.  My husband will be finishing up the spring semester, and then the following week his schedule completely changes as the three-week summer pre-session begins.  At home we’ll be finishing up spring homeschooling semester and starting  our summer work (look for an upcoming post or two).  And I will start adding weekly midwife appointments into our already hectic schedule of gymnastics classes and teeball commitments.  If I can just make it until the evening of June 12th without going into labor…

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