7 Quick Takes (v. 25)

1.  36 weeks down, four to go.  Not that I’m counting or anything.

2.  One of my midwives just got back from a two-week stint in Haiti teaching basic childbirth assistance to local women.  I wish I could have asked her for more details, but since I had been late for my appointment I knew I couldn’t take up too much more of her time.  Maybe if she’s the one on call when I go into labor we can discuss it while I get my IV antibiotics.

3.   DD#4 seems to be sticking it out in the right position, head and face down.  She did not like it, though, when the midwife started feeling around to check her position, and my belly has been kind of sore ever since from being roughly poked and prodded inside and out at the same time.

4.  I’ve whittled down quite a bit of my pre-baby to-do list.  I’m hoping to get most of the rest of it done in the next week.  I’ve got a company coming to clean the living room carpet, the couch, and the dryer vents on Monday.  After they’re gone I’m going to set up the pack ‘n’ play bassinet/changing table and a few other things.

5.  Sunday will be my 33rd birthday.  I’m shipping all of the girls to Granny’s to spend the day and night.  My main purpose was to get them out of the house for when the carpet cleaners arrive on Monday, but it should have the unexpected side effect of allowing me to actually watch the Lost series finale with minimal interruptions.

6.  It’s amazing how the shopping has been the easiest part of my to-do list to get done.  I really do need to get around to cleaning those bathrooms and scrubbing all of the sticker residue off the kitchen floor.  At least I got the actual stickers removed this week.

7.  Piper is supposed to have her first teeball game tonight.  I can’t decide if I want it to get rained out or not.  On one hand, a rain-out would push her season back yet another week.  On the other hand, my husband can’t be there because he has to attend the graduation ceremony at his college.  So, my mother-in-law will have to wrangle Bailey and Katie at the ball field on her own while I take over assistant coaching duties.  I wouldn’t mind assistant coaching a group of 16 clueless four-year-olds so much…if I wasn’t 36-weeks pregnant!!

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