7 Quick Takes (v. 26)

1.  It has been really hot here in the Chicago area.  Of course, it seems much worse because we don’t have working air conditioning.  I’ve been trying for a month to get it replaced, but I realized yesterday that I had been talking to the wrong companies.  I finally found the one company that actually understands the “special” air conditioning system, and maybe by the end of of next week we’ll have some A/C that works.  Then the temperature outside will probably drop to the forties.

2.  Even though it has been hot, that hasn’t stop it from raining at the most inopportune times…like whenever the kids have a teeball game.  At this point Piper has had two games canceled, and Bailey has had three canceled due to the weather.

3.  My carpet looks amazing thanks to the company that came out to clean it.  They could only do so much with the couch, but it smells nice and clean.  The kids are mad, though, because I won’t let them eat or drink in the living room as much as I used to do.

4.  I finally used my Barnes & Noble gift card from Christmas.  I have such a wonderful library system I have a hard time even spending gift money.  I opted to get Usborne’s Medieval World, which will be our history spine next school year.  And then I bought Patrick Madrid’s Surprised by Truth.  I have policy about buying books that I haven’t read yet, but I made an exception because it is so highly recommended.  It is also something I can’t get from my library.

5.  I’m going to try to put off reading the Patrick Madrid book until I’m in the hospital, so as soon as it was delivered (I learned that B&N members get free shipping) I put it away in my hospital bag.  I’ve got most of my bag packed.  I used this blog post from two years ago to remind me of my packing list.

6.  My husband has been at home every time I have gone into labor.  Sometimes, though, I start thinking about what I would do if he wasn’t at home and I couldn’t get a hold of him for some reason.  The first person I call (besides my midwives) when I go into labor is my mother-in-law because she comes to stay with the other kids.  But she couldn’t stay with the kids and drive me to the hospital at the same time.  And I wouldn’t dare try to drive myself .

So I started making a list in my head of who I could call last minute to drive me to the hospital.  While we don’t necessarily have best friends in the area, I am thankful that we have made enough connections in the community that I can come up with a short list of people who I would feel comfortable asking if necessary.

7.  This became even more of a worry, though, when my mother-in-law was put in the hospital yesterday.  She has bronchitis which is aggravating what used to be a minor heart condition.  So, please keep her in your prayers…and not just because I’ve realized how dependent we all on her.

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 26)”

  1. sarah ziegler Says:

    If you go into labor and need help you can call me.

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