Homeschooling Expenses 2010

Order #1Rainbow Resource Center 2/19/10    $151.19+$9.45 tax = $160.64

Bailey Only:  $24.85  (2A workbook, BQ grade 2, mazes, 5 music tablets)

Piper Only: $44.85 (Math K B, ETC A-C, Mazes, # Games)

Hand-Me-Down:  $64.99 (Mind Benders A1, Math 2A text, Math 2A HIG, Music Text, Music Flash Cards)

Younger Kids:  $16.50 (Math 2A workbook x 3)

Order #2Barnes & Noble April 2010    $21.80 (w/out taxes or educator discount)

Bailey Only:  $21.80 (Kumon Addition, Kumon Subtraction, Flash Skills Addition Activities, Flash Skills Subtraction Activities)

Order #4: Barnes & Noble May 2010 $10.79 (free shipping and member discount)

Hand-Me-Down:  $10.79 (Usborne Medieval World)

Order #4:  Rainbow Resource Center    5/27/10    $107.24 + $6.70 tax + $10.72 shipping = $124.66

Bailey only:  $19.75 (2B workbook, Grammar Practice 1 & 2)

Hand-Me-Down:  $62.74 (1B HIG, 2B HIG, 2B text book, Mind Benders A2, Sequential Spelling 1)

Younger Kids:  $24.75 (2B workbook x 3)


Total spent 2010:  $317.89

$66.40 was spent on non-reusable items for Bailey.

$44.85 was spent on non-reusable items for Piper.

$138.52 was spent on items that can eventually be used with all four children.

$41.25 was spent on non-reusable items that the three younger children will need in the future.


I am hoping that this will conclude all of my homeschool shopping for 2010.   The only thing I’ll need to get for the Spring 2011 semester is a recorder flute with an instruction book, but I should be able to pick that up in January.   Just as in 2009, I spent less than the equivalent of two weeks of groceries.

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