7 Quick Takes (v. 28)

1.  I first heard of Animal Bands during a quick trip to Walgreens a few weeks ago; they had chalked an advertisement on the sidewalk outside the door.  I wondered what these things were.  When I learned they were “animal-shaped” rubber bands, I wondered why in the hell anyone would find them necessary.  Why would anyone want little kids, to whom they were obviously marketed, to play with rubber bands; like my kids need any thing else to use as a weapon against each other.  It wasn’t until later that I realized that they are really more like bracelets than office supplies.

2.  A few days later I read an article about schools banning Animal Bands because they were distracting kids and “bad trades” were causing discord.  I couldn’t help thinking about Amy and the limes (Little Women, chapter 7), and how most fads are over the most idiotic of things.

3.  I signed Bailey, Piper, and Katie up for the summer reading program at the library on Monday.  I just happened to be in there on the first day of registration, and the place was a madhouse.  Ever since, I kind of wonder why I did this….sign my kids up to obsess with reading books as fast as they can so they can get two crappy toys and a book that they won’t really want.  It’s just so antithetical to, well, everything I believe about reading, education, and clutter.

4.  One of our two wonderful priests is being transferred to another parish in a few weeks.  We will miss him, his wonderful homilies, and the stories from his childhood in Poland.  But at least he’s going to a nearby parish, so we can always try to catch him there.

5.  Gymnastics is over until the fall.  Today is my husband’s last day teaching in the classroom until August.  We have teeball games today and tomorrow but then no more for a week.  Maybe things will start slowing down long enough for me to actually have this baby sometime soon.

6.  We’re trying out Netflix.  We’re taking full advantage of the instant programming, especially since we received our disc to bring it up on the big television through the Wii.  I’m still a little on the fence about getting a subscription since we can get so much from our library system for free, but with a new baby coming soon there is something to be said for not having to leave the house.  And it’s a lot cheaper than cable.

7.  I just had to call our HVAC company since our brand new air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working right.  Last night I noticed that the condensing unit was completely frozen even though I never had the thermostat lower than where the company recommended.  Hopefully, they can get back out here in the next day or two.  I’m just getting tired of this crap.  But at least my dryer works perfectly since they replaced the vent tubing.  I’m trying to look at the bright side.

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