7 Quick Takes (v. 29)

My week in review since v. 28:

1.  Saturday:  Had the A/C guys back out to figure out why my brand new condensing unit was freezing up.  They added extra coolant, and now I have A/C that works as well as it can in this house.

2.  Sunday:  Didn’t do too much…except give birth to a 7 lb. 2 oz. baby girl who came out sunny-side up.  Sabrina Elizabeth entered the world at 12:21 pm.

3.  Monday:  Busy day in the hospital with the multiple checks on me and baby, dealing with the hospital photographer, and getting the birth certificate paperwork turned in.

4.  Tuesday:  Home from the hospital with new baby Sabrina where three big sisters who acted like they were on speed greeted us before having various emotional melt-downs.

5.  Wednesday:  Felt like Dolly Parton as my milk most certainly came in.  Hot shower helped, and at every feeding I undid both sides of my bra and kept a cloth diaper under one side while I nursed the other.  Remembered before bedtime that ice packs can help, too.

6.  Thursday:  Skipped out on Bailey’s ball game since I was still feeling pretty big and sore in the chest region.  She has two more in the next three days, though, if I want to see her play.  I don’t know whether to hope one or both rain out, or pray for them to get over with so that we only have one more regular season game left.

7.  Friday:  Pulled out the Maya sling so that my mom, Sabrina, and I could make a food and supply run–Aldi, Wal-Mart, and Subway Sandwiches.  Now I’m off to change some diapers then lay down with Katie and Sabrina.  I’ll have to decide about going to Piper’s ball game tonight.

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