7 Quick Takes (v. 31)

1.  I’ve developed some sort of meal-time amnesia since I had the baby.  I go to the grocery and I come home with tons of snacks for the kids, but then I have absolutely nothing to fix myself for lunch or everyone for dinner.  It’s like I can’t even remember what I used to fix.  This does not bode well for my attempts to not lose too much weight or stay on our food budget, since I either end up skipping meals or getting fast food.

2.  When my parents were here visiting, my dad took the training wheels off of Bailey’s bike.  Her balance is OK, but her steering is rather wild.  (This does not bode well for when she starts driving.)  It’s amazing, though, to see her reach such a childhood milestone as riding a two-wheeler.

3.  Whenever Bailey has a game, Piper looks forward to playing with her friends, the little sisters and brothers of Bailey’s team mates.  None of them bring any toys, but they seem to find plenty of things to do:  dig in the gravel, play tag, race between the fields, “hide-out” under the bleachers.  Then they share the various snacks they get from their parents.  Piper is right there along with the rest; no one would know that she is the “weird” homeschooled kid.

4.  The kids discovered Silly Bandz last week.  The little sister of one of Bailey’s team mates gave them each one.  Then they became obsessed with them.  I bought four packs to split between them.  I think Piper has pretty much lost interest already, and Bailey is learning what it’s like to catch the tail-end of a fad.

5.  Things are still a little crazy around here.  It’s not so much because of Sabrina.  It’s really the result of adding Sabrina and her newborn challenges on top of all the other chaos.  Plus, I have to remember that I am still in recovery, so I’ve been letting a lot of things slide.  So, the house is pretty much a wreck.

6.  Tomorrow is the start of play-offs for Bailey’s Coach Pitch division.  This is going to be an interesting new experience for us.  And you get the impression that it’s a little more hard core than the regular season as they throw out the 90-minute time limit and play a full six innings.  I just keep telling myself that by next Saturday the season will be over no matter what.  That will slow things down quite a bit.

7.  Last Saturday one of my best friends from college stopped by for a visit with her husband and kids since they were in the area.  It’s the first time I had seen her in almost six years.  The last time was just a few weeks after her oldest was born.  We haven’t stayed in super close touch, but we had such a great time talking and laughing like no time had passed at all.  I’m really hoping that the next time we head to Kentucky we can swing by Indianapolis and visit them.

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2 Comments on “7 Quick Takes (v. 31)”

  1. linda Says:

    my take no 2 is similiar to your take no 7. it’s nice to touch base with older friends and feel that despite everything, you can still connect easily

  2. A suggestion for #1 is to plan a menu prior to rocery shopping, and then create a shopping list based on this menu. It will save you time, money and calories!

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