7 Quick Takes (v. 32)

1.  My feet have an amazing tan.  But since my legs decided about ten years ago that they no longer will absorb the sun, my feet just look really dirty compared to the pale lines from my sandal straps.

2.  Bailey’s coach pitch season ended on Monday night with a second round loss.  I was disappointed because I really wanted to beat that team who had humiliated us at the beginning of the season when our coaching staff and kids were inexperienced.  At the same time, I’m glad it’s all over until next year.  Piper still has two more games in her level, though.

3.  I’m starting to feel a little more like myself at four weeks postpartum.  I’m less weak and achy.  I’ve gotten on top of the laundry again and even managed to wash some bedding this week.  But I still mentally feel like I’m in survival mode.  I know it will take some time to get back into the routine of things, especially when I have to work around feeding the baby every two hours.

4.  They’ve been upgrading the Walmart near us  to a Super Walmart.  I never used to go there very much because it was always kind of dingy and dirty, but even with it still under construction it is so much nicer.  I’ve been hitting there more often since the baby was born because it is only five minutes away and I can buy size 1 diapers in bulk, unlike my usual grocery stores.

5.  I’ve been watching the BBC’s Dr. Who on Netflix’s instant streaming.  I’m almost finished with Season 2.  I was unsure about the whole thing when the Doctor regenerated from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant, but I soon came to love the tenth doctor as well as the ninth.  And if you don’t watch Dr. Who my last sentence was complete gibberish to you.  Anywho, I love  Dr. Who and look forward to checking out its spin-off Torchwood.

6.  Sometime around November the CD player in the car got jammed and wouldn’t let us load any CDs, so we gave it up as broken.  I somewhat looked in to the cost of replacing it, but we decided against it.  Well, on a lark my husband decided to try putting a CD in again, and it worked!!  Now if only we can get the air conditioning fixed…..

7.  I have pictures of the girls I’ve been meaning to scan and add to this blog and Facebook, but it just keeps slipping to the end of my to-do list.  And at some point I need to start filling in Sabrina’s baby book.  Not to mention that Katie’s framed first year picture is still sitting in my closet.  And never mind that our family photo album is almost non-existent.  I hope my children have good memories, because at this rate there won’t be anything around to remind them that their childhoods did exist.

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