7 Quick Takes (v. 33)

1.  Here we are at the 7 Quick Takes volume equivalent to my age.  Apparently, I had a brain fart last week and labeled the volume as number 31 for the second week in a row.  I don’t know if it was post-partum lack of sleep induced, or if I’ve unconsciously become one of those women you see in movies that always pretends she is younger than she is and was trying to delay volume 33 so I wouldn’t have to think about how old I am getting.  I suspect the lack of sleep thing.

2.  I’ve been reading a lot of homeschool memoirs lately (as you’ll see on my July reading list).  I really like seeing how other people do it.  It really helps me solidify why and how we homeschool around here.  It got me thinking, though, about how many people won’t even pick up one book to investigate homeschooling.  I wonder if it’s because they assume that they know what it is or that it’s because they’re scared that what they learn about it might change their life.

3.  Let me say for the millionth time how much we are loving Netflix.  So far I’ve watched three seasons of Dr. Who, one season of Doll House, and several movies.  The kids have watched episodes of their favorite television shows, and I’ve introduced them to some classics from my childhood like Faerie Tale Theatre and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.  And this has just been with the instant streaming through the Wii.  Those DVD thingies are ok, too, I guess.  It’s so totally worth the $10 per month.

4.  Sabrina has started having diaper leaks.  You know what this means…our next case of diapers will be size 2.  It’s hard to believe that she will be six-weeks-old on Sunday.

5.  I love co-sleeping most of the time.  The time I don’t, though, is when my toddler develops an over-whelming need to have her foot resting on me all night.  Like I’m not having a hard enough time sleeping without Katie burying her foot in my back.

6.  Bailey is about to have an adventure on Monday.  She and Rick are flying down to Nashville to see Paul McCartney in concert.  They’re both really excited.  Although, I am going to have to console Piper with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese while they’re gone.

7.  Piper decided to get her hair cut short.  We recognized the decision as another example of Piper asserting her individuality.  Our only concern was that she might experience remorse and get upset once it was actually done.  But as soon as she got her first glimpse of her new ‘do her entire face lit up.

Here is the “before picture” with Sabrina at five-weeks-old:

Now, for the completely adorable “after” picture:

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