July 2010 Reading List

1.  The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria Augusta Trapp:  This book was the basis for musical and movie The Sound of Music even though the story has so much more to it.  The two greatest themes of the book and Maria’s life seemed to be “Thy will be done” and “God’s will hath no why”.  Those are two things that we all need to keep in mind.

2.  Homeschooling Our Children Unschooling Ourselves by Alison McKee:  This is a homeschooling memoir of how Allison McKee came to homeschool her two children and how they excelled at home.

3A Mom Just Like You by Vickie Farris and Jayme Farris Metzgar:  This memoir is as much about Christian parenting as it is about homeschooling.  It’s just what I needed to read right now.

4.  I Learn Better By Teaching Myself by Agnes Leistico:  This is a memoir of how Leistico turned to homeschooling her three kids, specifically using mostly interest-led learning (aka “unschooling”).

Edited to Add:

5.  Teach Your Own by John Holt and Patrick Farenga:  This edition of John Holt’s classic is updated in content and commentary by his associate Patrick Farenga.  I found it interesting that the man who is considered to be the father of “unschooling” really meant the term to be interchangeable with “homeschooling”.  While he advocated interest-led learning, he did not demand interest-led learning alone.  He just felt that formalized schoolwork should be tailored towards the needs of the individual child, not that it should be completely abolished.

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One Comment on “July 2010 Reading List”

  1. I’d be so interested in hearing how #1 was! I love that family. It’d be so interesting to read that book.

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