Postpartum Complications (part 3)

I spent a lot of Friday talking to God about things before, during, and after my scheduled D&C and the emergency uterine artery embolization.  I tried to be thankful that if I had to endure all this I at least had my Sabrina, whereas most women receive a D&C due to miscarriage.  I tried to offer up my physical and emotional suffering for those women, for souls in purgatory, and for anything I could think of.  I asked for a priest twice in the hospital, but it never worked out.  I really felt like I could use the sacrament of Healing.

I tried to stay positive for the most part.  I talked with people about homeschooling.  I watched Sabrina get treated like a superstar, especially in departments that weren’t used to seeing many babies.  Rick constantly reassured me that everything would be OK.  It was really only when the possibility of the hysterectomy was first mentioned that I lost it temporarily.

We came home on Saturday afternoon   Our three older girls were happy to see me and Sabrina at home, but they’ve had a hard time understanding that I am basically useless at this point.  I’m under strict orders to do nothing but sit or lay down (with the exception of bath room trips) for at least a week.  This also means that we can’t attend our village’s Jubilee festival this weekend.

Rick and his mother rearranged their work schedules so that I am not left on my own with all four kids at anytime.  Rick is trying really hard to be everything to everyone while gearing up for his school semester to start.   I’m trying to learn to let go of my household control and let everyone figure out how to do things their way instead of expecting them to do it my way.

I am basically camped out on the main floor.  I sleep on the couch at night, and sometimes I camp out on a palette on the floor during the day.  Or I sit in the armchair or at the computer.  I try to manage the kids as much as I can from the couch, and we’ve had to demand that they step up and help out more.  Rick has hands full trying to keep up with all of the requests for food and drinks from me and the kids.

Physically I’m not feeling any real pain.  I just feel tired, achy, and a bit sore along my right hip and leg.  As for my bleeding, the first hurdle was to see what would happen once the foam in my arteries completely dissolved.  It was a good sign when I didn’t start to resemble a victim from a horror movie again.  But I’m kind of in a holding pattern otherwise.  I am still experiencing some light bleeding.  We’ll see what my doctor says tomorrow.  She may want to give it more time to taper off on its own.  If it does, then I’ll be in the clear.  If it stays consistently at this level (which is where I was before the D&C), then we are looking at another procedure.

If this bleeding does stop on its own soon, then next month I have to have a full ultrasound with a radiologist to determine the extent of my uterine fibroids.  Then we’ll have to determine what, if any, treatment those require.

It has been a really rough summer before and since Sabrina was born.  I’ve learned a lot of lessons in humility and love and trying to live in the moment and accept things as they come, good and bad.  There are times when I’ve been angry and frustrated and just plain scared.  But I’ve really tried to use all this to refocus myself on God’s will and that “God’s will hath no why“, at least not a why that we can always discern.

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