Summer and Fall 2010

It has been a crazy summer with air conditioning and dryer vent issues, twenty baseball/teeball games, at least as many practices, two parties, one unplanned out-of-town trip, one First Holy Communion, a new baby, and two out-patient surgeries.

Somehow we did manage to accomplish a few homeschooling things in there.  For the first two weeks of the summer semester, Bailey and I are reviewed the finer points of Singapore Math 1B, so she could retake the “final exam”.  Then we started on Math 2B units 1, 3, and 4 which mostly consist of weights and measures.  Bailey also completed her Explode the Code Online.  Lately she’s just been doing a few social studies and phonics pages from her Brain Quest Grade 2 Workbook.

But today was the first day of our new homeschooling semester.  So, here is the over-view of our plans.

-Fall 2010-

Math will be Singapore Math 2A five days a week; hopefully we’ll finish before the end of the semester.  Logic practice will continue with the next book in the  Mind Benders series (A1), one day a week.  As mentioned in other posts, history will explore the Medieval period (400-1600 AD) twice a week.

I realized a while back that the Word Study series Bailey started this past year maybe be discontinued, so we will be switching to using the Grammar Practice series two days a week.  I did decide to do spelling instruction using Sequential Spelling five days a week.  I think that increasing Bailey’s spelling skills will enhance her enjoyment of things she already does such as creative writing.  Bailey will also probably work in her Brain Quest workbook a few days a week, just for something fun and different.

One subject especially tailored to Bailey’s interest in second grade will be music composition.  She’s been “writing” her own songs since she was about two and has built up quite a repertoire of catchy tunes.  The goal will be to help her start learning how to translate her tunes onto paper.  We’ll start with Ready to Read Music and the basics of sight-reading and practice with a hymnal from church and a Beatles songbook and a keyboard.  Then perhaps in the spring we’ll start some home-instruction lessons on the recorder flute to build up her ear.  Hopefully, this will lay some groundwork for piano/keyboard lessons next summer.

As for Piper, this will be her last semester of completely optional schoolwork.  Because her birthday is in October, she would not qualify for kindergarten until Fall 2011 if she went to regular school.  This spring, though, I plan to start a “pre-session” with her just so we can both work out the routines and logistics of introducing her to required schoolwork.

It should be an interesting semester with a new baby in the mix, keeping the toddler entertained, and my recent health issues.  So, let’s see what happens….

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