7 Quick Takes (v. 34)

1.  At almost 12 weeks postpartum and after two outpatient surgeries on the same day, I am finally feeling like a normal human being.  And I’m finally starting to get our routines back on track…at least as much as you can with a new baby.

2.  We went ahead and split the two oldest girls into separate rooms years ahead of schedule.  So we’ve had a hectic two weeks of rearranging the rooms upstairs.  We actually pulled their mattresses up off of the floor, and I just bought these to keep their clothes under the bed.  Let’s hope they work.

3.  I just finished watching the last episode of Dr. Who with David Tennant as the tenth doctor.  It wasn’t available for instant streaming, so I had to request the actual DVD from Netflix.  It did make me realize how much special features can add to my enjoyment of a show.  The finale was brilliant, by the way.

4.  Today I just used my brand new library card key fob today.  No more digging in my wallet while juggling four kids and a bag of books.  That’s the greatest idea since the library drive through pick-up window.

5.  We bought New Super Mario Bros. Wii the other night.  I really like how they combined some of the best elements of all the previous Mario games.  I’m not so sure about this whole Super Guide thing, though.  Within two days Bailey was to the point where she had the Super Guide essentially playing every level for her.  She has finally started all over and is trying to build up her skills by actually persevering and playing the game for herself.

6.  I borrowed this Bob books hard cover compilation from the library just to kind of see what Piper could do with it.  She was able to read most of the words in the first story on her own.  Now keep in mind that she is not yet five, and I’ve never sat her down for formal mandatory reading lessons.  She seems to be doing pretty well on her own so far.

7.  Well, I gotta go.  There are still groceries to be put away from my first Friday Aldi trip in weeks.  I’ve got to get the new drawers set up under the girls beds and transfer their clothes.  And then we’re off to Bailey’s first gymnastics class of the session.

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