7 Things…I Learned From a Trip to the Zoo

I decided to start a new category called “7 Things…”  It is a direct rip-off not only of 7 Quick Takes hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary but of Simcha Fisher‘s inability to make her 7 Quick Takes random.  Our theme today is about the zoo.  Some of these things are specific to the Brookfield Zoo, others I think could pretty much apply to any zoo.

1.  Make sure that everyone goes to the bathroom before you enter the stingray exhibit…the waterfall that keeps the water circulating does not help things.

2.  Don’t plan to feed the stingrays unless you are wearing something that you don’t mind getting wet and you don’t mind smelling like dead fish all day.

3.  Don’t eat at the zoo unless A) you are rich and B) you can find some place to get away from all the bees.

4.  Eating outside is highly over-rated (see 3B).

5.  A good place to nurse the baby is in the children’s zoo while Daddy takes the rest of the kids to pet the goats.

6.  Make it very clear before entering the zoo that NO ONE will be receiving a souvenir.

7.  Leave before everyone hits the over-saturation point.

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One Comment on “7 Things…I Learned From a Trip to the Zoo”

  1. I can’t make my 7 things random either 🙂

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