7 Things…I Love About Piper

1.  Piper is always just herself.  She’s not concerned about what others will think about her.  She doesn’t pander or show off.  She’s just Piper.

2.  Piper is decisive.  She knows what she likes and what she wants and what she doesn’t.  There’s no agonizing.  She just wants to get ‘er done and move on to the next thing.

3.  Piper makes the funniest faces and voices.  It’s all in those big blue eyes.  Sometimes she’s like a cartoon character.  She loves to make people laugh with her silliness.

4.  Piper likes to snuggle.  Even when she went through a three-year period of not wanting any kisses or hugs or “I love you”s, she still liked to snuggle up with Mommy and/or Daddy.  Now she likes to snuggle with her two younger sisters.

5.  Piper is very smart.  Or, as she often says, she has lots of “thinking places in her brain”.  She loves to memorize math facts and how to spell words.  She doesn’t get overwhelmed with new challenges.  When there’s something that she wants to do, she figures out a way to do it herself.

6.  Piper is up for anything.  When life has unexpected twists and turns, she just rolls with the punches and sees it as a new adventure.

7.  Piper is a wonderful dancer.  I think that part of this goes back to item #1.  She’s not concerned about what others will think and dances from the heart.  Even though formal dance classes weren’t her thing, she has a natural grace about her.  And she loves great disco/techno music and the way it makes her want to move her body and have fun.

Happy 5th Birthday, Piper!!!

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