September 2010 Reading List

So, I am REALLY late posting this, but…

1.  Street Gang by Michael Davis:  I really only read about half of this.  My husband picked it up in a bargain bin for me.  It quickly became apparent while it was in the bargain bin.  It’s about the people who created Sesame Street, and I swear I learned more about Captain Kangaroo than I did about Sesame Street.  It did give me a hankering to read more about Jim Henson and reread The Tipping Point–have to add that to my reading list.

2.  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee:  I hadn’t read this book since the 8th grade (according to the notes on the inside cover of my copy).  While I remembered the gist of the story, I think this is the first time I really appreciated why it is considered a classic.

3. A Miracle for St. Cecilia’s by Katherine Valentine:  This a sweet book about a small town praying for a variety of miracles and how God answers their prayers in unexpected ways.

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