7 Fiction Authors Most-Read by Me

I got to thinking one morning about some of my favorite fiction authors and wondering which ones I had read the most.  My first thought was Anne McCaffrey since I own most of the Dragonriders of Pern Series and reread them at least once a year, but I was surprised to realize that I had read an equal number of Meg Cabot books even though I don’t own a single one.

I should note that I gave Meg Cabot the number one spot, because she is still prolifically writing while Anne McCaffrey is retired.  In the course, of my research I discovered books by each author that I had previously overlooked, so in the future some of the numbers might change.  But for now, here are the 7 Fiction Authors Most-Read by Me:

1.  Meg Cabot (32):  Cabot’s works are easy and fun.  While you do find common themes of  harried heroines who unexpectedly fall in love while drinking Diet Coke, each series has it’s own quirky take on the formula from a nerd who has her brain transplanted into the body of a super model (Airhead trilogy) or an over-weight former pop star who solves mysteries (Heather Wells Mysteries) to a soap opera writer who gets tangled up in a vampire war (her latest book Insatiable).

2.  Anne McCaffrey (32):  I’ve read all of the Dragonriders of Pern series (with the exception of those recently written by her son) at least twice.  The same goes for the Tower and the Hive series.  McCaffrey just has a way of creating interesting alternative universes and societies.  And I still say that she is the original inventor of the idea of name smashing.  She was combining names like Gemma and Fax to name their son Jaxom when Renesmee‘s creator was still a baby.

3.  Anne Rice (14):  The upcoming release of movie version of Interview with a Vampire had my friends and I scurrying to read the book in 1994.  That led me to read most of the sequels (my favorite being Queen of the Damned) and her Mayfair Witches series.  I was really excited when the two universes  collided in a crossover series as well as the book Merrick.

4.  Lucy Maude Montgomery (11):  I fell in love with  Anne with an E when I was about 15.  I loved reading her adventures and mishaps from being a lonely orphan to college-educated school principal to a married mom of six living children.  After I re-read Anne, I always find myself thinking in Anne’s tone and cadence for a few days.  (Yes, I know I am crazy.)

5.  C.S. Lewis (11):  I almost forgot about C.S. Lewis, even though the Chronicles of Narnia are classic (and inspired my favorite SNL digital short “Lazy Sunday“).  I remember reading The Screwtape Letters while on vacation to Disney World, but I never really enjoyed the Space Trilogy books when I read them.  Maybe I’ll give them another chance some day.

6.  Madeline L’Engle (9):  When I was in fourth grade, my homeroom teacher read A Wrinkle in Time out loud.  I went on to read most of the sequels in this series, until they started getting less sci-fi/fantasy.

7.  J.K. Rowling (8):  Two words–Harry Potter.

Honorable Mention:  Timothy Zahn (8):  Timothy Zahn basically jump-started what is now known as the Star Wars Expanded Universe in 1991 when the first book of his Thrawn trilogy was released.  Not only are his eight novels the best written of all of the Star Wars sequel/prequel books (in my humble opinion), but I will be forever grateful that he created my favorite expanded universe character, Mara Jade (aka Mrs. Luke Skywalker).

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2 Comments on “7 Fiction Authors Most-Read by Me”

  1. Cable Says:

    Funny about A Wrinkle in Time and you stopping reading the sequels after the fantasy waned. We also were supposed to read it in fourth grade. I could not get past the first couple chapters because the fantasy just made no sense to me. I have read it as an adult, and enjoyed it. I guess I was just a kid with little imagination!

    • barboo77 Says:

      When I was in fourth grade I actually took reading with the fifth graders, but the fifth grade reading class was 15 minutes shorter than the fourth grade one. As a result, I would have sit quietly on the floor in the back of the fourth grade room everyday and wait for them to finish. The fourth grade teacher would do a read aloud at the end of class on Fridays. (This is also how I was introduced to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.) But the other four days I was reading my parents’ Star Trek novels, so sci-fi/fantasy has pretty much always been my favorite genre. 😉

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