7 Things I Love About Bailey…

1.  Bailey is a really good friend.  She always is there to help and encourage her friends to reach their full potential.  When they hurt, she is the first one there offering consolation.  I’ve never seen her say mean or hurtful things to a playmate without being insulted first.

2.  Bailey  is so athletic.  Whether she is winning the hand-stand competition in gymnastics, being the most consistent hitter on her co-ed coach pitch baseball team, or throwing the batter out at first with her “Rocket Arm”, she is awesome.  As someone with little-to-no athletic ability, I enjoy watching her go.

3.  Bailey is really good with toddlers and preschoolers.  She likes to watch over them and take care of them and teach them things.  I could totally see her becoming a teacher of some sort someday.

4.  Bailey is so smart.  Even when I think she’s not paying attention, she soaks in information and sometimes astounds me with the profound connections that she makes.  She’s also a pretty good critical thinker for her age; she’s always trying to figure at the scam in every advertisement.

5.  Bailey is an idea person.  She is constantly coming up with projects to make or games to play with her sisters.  Sometimes she’s running a variety of stores.  Sometimes she’s publishing her own selection of magazines.  But she’s always got something cooking in her brain.

6.  Bailey is a budding song-writer.  She composed her first songs when she was about three, and in the past five years she’s put together a little repertoire of simple but catchy tunes.  We can’t wait to see what happens once she starts learning how play instruments and read and notate music.

7.  Bailey has a great sense of humor.  She can often spot the ridiculous in the world around her.  She sees right through it when her dad is teasing her.  And sometimes she’s even able to laugh at herself.

Happy Birthday to my big 8-year-old girl!!!

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