Fall Semester Wrap-Up 2010/Spring 2011 Plans

Well, in this post I broke down all of our homeschooling expenses so far in 2010.  I really did not anticipate buying anything else during 2010, but the need arose.  I knew that I needed to get an instruction booklet for the recorder flute (as well as a new recorder or two or three) for the upcoming spring semester.  I didn’t really care for the grammar/vocabulary program we tried out this fall, and I decided to try something else (Wordly Wise 3000).  And I realized that Singapore Math 2B isn’t quite as intense as 2A, and we will probably finish it up before the spring semester is over.  Therefore, I need to have some time to prep for level 3A.  I also needed to pick up the next volume of Sequential Spelling.  So, after placing an order with the Rainbow Resource Center, my total amount spent on homeschooling supplies for 2010 is up to $427.08.

As we start the last three weeks of the fall semester, Bailey is almost finished with Singapore Math 2A, Mindbenders A1, Grammar Practice 1, and Ready to Read Music.  With the music (as with most of our subjects) I haven’t really been concerned with mastery, but Bailey has had a nice introduction to musical symbols and definitions.  When we start working on the recorder flute come January, the abstract of it should become more concrete.  What we’re looking at for the spring semester is math and spelling five days a week.  History, music, vocabulary (Worldly Wise 3000 level 2), and Brain Quest workbook will each be covered two days a week, and logic will continue being once a week.

With the start of our spring semester in January, Piper will start a mandatory pre-K session.  Up until now all of her schoolwork as been optional.  My goal is to keep it at about 15-30 minutes of mostly math and reading.  Basically we’ll work towards finishing the assortment of unfinished phonics and numbers workbooks that she already has.  The point of the session is less academic and more about all of us (but especially me) getting into the groove of incorporating a new student to our formal homeschooling.

I’m hoping that we can arrange Bailey’s school work where she can do a portion of it independently while I work with Piper, who will need more hands-on instruction.  Obviously, Bailey will still need more hands-on from me for history and music.  I did decide to grab an extra recorder flute for Piper in case she wanted to join in on those lessons.  So, things should be very interesting as I wade into the waters of multi-level teaching.

Of course, I’ve mainly been talking about the things that have been formally studied.  Bailey has been investigating sites like Wikipedia and YouTube (with lots of supervision and parental advisory) for information she wants.  She’s also been experimenting with Microsoft Word to write stories and make signs. And there are a billion other little things that Bailey and her sisters have been absorbing from their environment, the computer games and television shows they enjoy, and using their imaginations.  I have no doubt that this will continue no matter what else happens in the spring semester.

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