7 Quick Takes (v. 36)

1.  I spent almost all day Wednesday cleaning out and reorganizing things.  I especially focused on the girls’ toys.  I did a massive paring down.  They just had too much stuff and didn’t seem very grateful for what they had.  Some things went into our donation pile like the Weebles (dangerous projectiles in the hands of my kids), and some of their things I boxed up and put away in other places.  We’ll see how long it is before they even realize that some of it gone.

2.  Bailey’s birthday was almost two weeks ago.  My mom picked up this very interesting birthday candle.

The directions said to light the spot in the middle of the flower and from there the 8 little candles would be lit and “Happy Birthday” would play.  So, I put the lighter in the middle of the flower and large sparkly flames shot up like a firework.  The music didn’t play, but the flower opened with the eight little candles lit and spun.  It was awesome!!  Now Piper wants one for her next birthday.

3.  The downside of that awesome birthday candle is that it set up such high expectations for all other candles.  The next day at Sabrina’s baptism I kept imagining that when Deacon Bob lit her baptismal candle sparkling flames would start shooting out.  Ditto for the Advent candles at church and home.  Oh, well…

4.  I moved Sabrina into 6-9 month clothing.  She’s filling it out so well that I don’t understand why I kept cramming her into those 3-6 month sleepers.

5.  We got a big box delivered via UPS the other day.  The kids got excited thinking it was Christmas presents, but I told them it was Christmas for me…in the form of homeschooling supplies.  Their brand new recorder flutes were in the box, too, but I have temporarily hidden them since we are not starting our recorder lessons until after Christmas and I don’t think my nerves could stand the sound of shrieking recorders all the time.

6.  So, we have this weird heating system in our house that is dependent on the water heater.  When I want to switch from heat to air and vice versa I have to turn a lever to open or close a valve on one of the pipes to the water heater.  Last winter I couldn’t remember which lever, and I had to experiment a little bit before I got the right one.  This year I had it marked and could have sworn that I had put it in the correct position.  But we have been absolutely freezing in the morning.  So, I checked it yesterday….and it was in the wrong position.  I think I switched it to the cold position when we had a freakish warm spell.  Drat!!

7.  This is my new kitchen table for six to 10 from IKEA.  It’s so spacious that I can keep our Advent wreath on it.  Even without the first leaf it, I could probably squeeze eight people around it.

And this is our new private study area/extra computer terminal made using our old kitchen table and an older computer we had in storage.  I can have one child do schoolwork here while another one works at the kitchen table.  Plus, it also made a good place to set out the chocolate-filled Advent calendars.

(If you look under the table you can see two cases of computer paper.  Technically they were birthday presents for the two big girls from my mom’s best friend, but they are really presents for me. LOL)

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