7 Quick Takes (v. 37): New Year’s Resolutions

One New Year’s Resolution is for chumps; that’s why I got seven.  Surely, I can keep one of them…mostly.

1.  Save money:  We need to get on budget and stay on budget.  Our biggest money-waster is food, so I’m trying to reorganize some things to make grocery shopping and meal planning run smoother and help us avoid eating out so much.

2.  Quality time:  While I spend large quantities of my time with my kids, I realized that I might not be spending very much quality time with each individual child.  I’m going to start with the goal of spending 15-30 minutes per day with each child doing something they like to do and giving them as much of my undivided attention at that time as is possible.

3.  Curtail the cussin’:  I actually have quite a potty mouth, especially when I’m exhausted.  I’m going to try to avoid the big bad words at all cost and watch my temper.

4.  Be a better wife: I don’t think I’m a horrible wife, but I’ve become really aware lately that I’m not nearly as good of a wife as I should be.  This discussion about the Biblical injunction for wives to be submissive to their husbands has given me a lot of food for thought.

5.  Get dressed before noon:  Really this is indicative of how time manages me these days rather than me managing my time.  I really need to set up a series of systems to make our days run smoother and includes me being dressed for the day with my teeth brushed at some point in the morning instead of the late afternoon.

6.  Catch up Sabrina’s baby book:  The poor child is six-months old and I think I’ve filled in one page of that thing.  And while I’m at the other girls’ books need to be updated, too.

7. Day by Day:  I’m still working on the what, but I need to make a daily devotion habit in addition to my usual prayers of thanksgiving and petition.  I may just go back to the daily Bible readings as my first internet act of the day.

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